Health Problems Caused by Flood Damages Carpet

Water damage is a big challenge for residential and commercial property owners. Regular cleaning is not enough, and you need to extract the water and sanitise the area properly. Sometimes people neglect the issue, which leads to carpet mould growth and becomes a hazard for family members.

That is why we recommend professional cleaning. Experts use industry-grade equipment and certified chemicals to dry the area. It may seem like an additional expenditure, but you should not hesitate to take this service if you care about your family’s health.


Allergies are the most common symptoms of bigger health issues after water damage. Wet carpets become breeding grounds for mould and germs. Excessive exposure to mould and bacteria may lead to skin irritation and allergies. Mould disperses spores, and when you inhale them, they lead to severe allergic reactions. You may sneeze frequently and feel congestion in your lungs, throat and nose.

Severe Respiratory Problem

Asthma and tuberculosis are common respiratory problems that people often face after flood damage if they feel chest congestion. Shortness of breath can be risky for your life. It is scientifically proven that spores of mould can deteriorate your lungs. That is why water damage carpet drying and professional mould remediation are essential after flood damage.

Skin Irritation

Skin comes in contact with spores, which will cause skin irritation. You may suffer from bumps, swelling or red itchy skin. Sometimes, ointments and other medicines may not work if you keep getting exposed.

Concentration Problems

It is scientifically proven that damp carpets lead to anxiety and stress, whereas fresh and colourful carpets keep us fresh and lively. It is also found that living in an unhygienic condition may lead to neurological problems. Sometimes people suffer due to the severe wet carpet smell. Health risks such as migraine, dementia, fatigue are very common. Sometimes these problems often go unnoticed, and when you realise you are in extreme conditions.

Mental Health Issues

Many people cannot overcome the fear, grief or shock of that catastrophe, especially the loss of loved ones. It completely disrupts the daily routines, making the whole situation chaotic and stressful. All these cause significant mental health problems.

Risk of Epidemic   

As a result of natural disasters, the risk of an epidemic is very common. The shortage of fresh foods, water, and malnutrition may weaken the immunity system of the affected people. This communicable disease spreads very quickly.

Besides that, the limited access to safe water and food may cause infections and gastrointestinal problems. Sometimes the hospitals and emergency camps are not prepared to handle this situation, leading to epidemic outbreaks.

Tips to Prevent Health Problems after Natural Disasters

To avoid these personal health issues, please read the following advice.

  • Do not return to your premises until the local authorities declare it is safe to live.
  • If you smell gas or chemicals, please open all the doors and windows and call local emergency workers.
  • Wear protective gear at the time of emergency. It also includes waterproof boots, goggles, face masks, and rubber gloves. It will help if you keep some fast food with you.
  • Carry a flashlight, especially at night. Do not use a gas lantern because it can ignite the gas and cause a fire outbreak.
  • Do not touch any exposed electrical wires.
  • Please sanitise all the furniture and dry electrical appliances before using them.
  • Open doors and windows for better air circulation. You can also use fans and dehumidifiers to control the moisture in the premises.
  • Replace carpets, mats, rugs, and upholsteries contaminated by sewage water.
  • Disinfect all the household items and ensure quick carpet mould
  • Keep your children and pets away from pools.

Our water damage restoration Adelaide team will help you restore your home to its former condition. If you are a victim of such a catastrophe, please do not waste time. The first 48 hours after flood damage is vital. It can be the difference between replacement and restoration.

We are open 24/7. Please feel free to call us and book an appointment. We will arrive at your location within a couple of hours. Our experts use advanced equipment and certified chemicals to ensure complete water extraction, drying and sanitisation.

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