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How online casinos are superior to real ones

What to choose: casino online or land?

Many of you have probably asked yourself the same question and it’s not surprising, as each of these options has its own special and unique features that will please some players and be completely unpleasant for the other. If, for example, a land-based casino can give you a wonderful atmosphere inside the establishment, then an online casino will provide you with lots of bonuses and a choice of games.

So which one should you choose? Let’s look at the main advantages of one casino over the other so you can make the right choice.

Here are a few reasons why online gambling is better than playing at traditional, real casinos.

Advantages of Online Casino


Parking fees at select U.S. casinos were introduced relatively recently; in other countries, the practice has been established for quite some time. This could mean a new route of monetization chosen by land-based casinos. If you play online, you just sit in your home on your couch or chair, and naturally, no one charges you anything, which cannot be said for a physical establishment.

Threatening a slim waistline and testing your liver

When playing at an online casino, the amount of alcohol you consume is limited to what you keep in your kitchen. No one walks past you with sweet cocktails splashing in glasses in front of your eyes. No one is offering you free treats, which, of course, are hard to refuse. Your body will thank you for avoiding unhealthy substances and foods.


Even when you live within 100 meters of a casino, you still have to leave your house to get there. If you get caught in traffic, you will spend more time than you planned. And after that, if you have a bad day at the gambling tables or slot machines, being annoyed, you can drain your entire cash reserve in less than an hour. Of course, you can also lose money with online gambling, but even if that happens, you can put away your laptop and watch, for example, the TV series House of Cards.

Lower stakes

Have you ever sat at a gambling table playing blackjack in Atlantic City on a weekend night? You’ll need all your luck to find a table with a base bet of less than $15, and it’s not just Atlantic City; this practice is common in almost every establishment in the world. offers players to bet as low as $1, and you can also play poker with stakes as low as one or two cents.

There are no people around

You may not be such a companionable person. If you play online, no one will tease you or give you advice on your chosen technique. Instead, you can, for example, turn on a playlist of good opera or tune into a foreign-language radio station and listen to songs in a relaxed state, or even learn any foreign language while playing. If you don’t like your chosen casino, you can get out of there with two clicks of your computer mouse, and you won’t have to get home later, because you’re already there.

Special offers

Online casinos give players extra options on deposits. You can find the best offers, but make sure you’ve read all the terms and conditions and understand what you’ll need to meet (what conditions) if you decide to cash out your bonus.

Reduces the risk of not getting to work or getting sick

In land-based casinos, the possibility of catching the flu virus or some other illness is high. It’s less likely if you’re at home, among your own germs, and also you can always open your medicine cabinet and drink vitamin C if you suddenly feel a sore throat. Plus, in real casinos you can get ripped off and not even be able to make it home.

Fewer distractions

Your house is usually not crowded with a lot of beautiful and interesting-looking people other than yourself and the people you live with. The appearance of an unfamiliar hottie or interesting man in sight can distract you from the game and lead to an unpleasant outcome to your gambling adventures.


If you’re waiting for the game to load, you need to go to the bathroom to wash your hands, and you saw the laundry you wanted to wash, you can load the washing machine, and by the time you finish visiting the online casino site, you and rest, and do some housework. When you return from a land-based casino, however, the mountain of dirty laundry will still be waiting for you.


There are always endless choices on the Internet, everything is in the public domain. If you don’t like the game you’re playing at the moment, there is always a wide range of other games to choose from, and it’s entirely up to you. Land-based casinos have limitations both in space (gambling room area) and in games, because each casino has a limited set of gaming services they can offer to customers.

You can limit yourself

Land-based casinos leave you no choice: if you get swept up in the excitement, you can no longer go back to your usual state and stop betting your last money in an attempt to win back. In online casinos, on the other hand, you can use those casinos that are included in GamCare or Gamestop, thereby limiting yourself.


No matter how hard the choice between online or real casinos is for you, you should always soberly weigh the pros and cons. This article will help you a lot since you can clearly see the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

Go ahead and play and get rich, but don’t forget that gambling demands that you weigh your decisions and you shouldn’t turn your head off for a second when you’re trying to snatch the jackpot

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