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Online Part-time Tuition Job’s Facilities in Singapore

Due to the pandemic situation, online tuition assignments Singapore are on the rise. Since physical classes have gotten suspended in major countries, a new world of online tutoring has opened up. There are so many platforms and tools out there that are making online tutoring possible for those who can’t make it to the workplace.

So, if you are looking for online part-time tuition jobs, then there wasn’t a better time for it.

How to Apply for Tutoring Assignments Singapore?

It is not always so easy to find part time jobs for students Singapore.

If you are looking forward to part-time tutoring jobs or home tuition jobs while studying in Singapore, you can start with getting a student pass. The pass gets issued to the international students who wish to pursue full-time undergrad or postgraduation courses in Singapore. The process may vary depending on the institution you choose.

There’s another option where an international student can pursue employment by applying for the Employment Pass (EP). The EP comes with eligibility criteria where you need a minimum income of $3,600 per month. For that, several international students go for the ‘work pass exemption’ to work while staying in Singapore.

To get considered for ‘work permit exemption,’ you need to fulfill these criteria-

  1. You aren’t an exchange student who has come to pursue modules in Singapore.
  2. You’re enrolled in one of the Ministry of Manpower’s approved institutions.

What Subject Options Do You Have for Online Tutoring?

If you are planning to do part-time tutoring jobs in the country, you can choose between various subject options. If you have the right knowledge of the subject and a passion for teaching, you can easily get into the field you desire.

If you go for University Tuition assignments Singapore, you can choose between Mathematics, Science, Principle of Accounting, Economics, H1//H2 Biology, and more.

What Kind of Part-Time Tutoring Jobs are Available?

Apart from the traditional private home tuition assignments Singapore where the teacher would teach a small group to an individual, there are plenty of other opportunities now.

With the rise in work from home jobs, tutors working with agencies are required to work in a virtual classroom. So, one can teach a group of students on an hourly basis. You can choose to work freelance for agencies, universities, or independently.

The need for qualification largely depends on the type of job you are doing. Most of the tutors working with agencies are required to have a minimum. While working independently as a private part-time tutor, the bar is lower. But you must ensure that you have minimum requirements or qualifications to teach the subject. That becomes crucial while building credibility. Also, some agencies or institutions consider hiring someone when they have prior experience of at least a year. So, if you complete all the criteria, you may be eligible for part-time tuition assignments Singapore.

How Much Can You Get Paid As a Part-Time Tutor?

The pay of a tutor can vary depending on the organization you are choosing. If a tutor is getting part-time tuition assignments Singapore, they are self-employed and can charge by the hour. Part-time tutors usually don’t get benefits like bonuses, but if you have the required experience and passion, you can charge anywhere between $25 to $45 per hour. If you provide specialized tuition for courses at a higher level, you can expect up to $100 per hour.

If you are looking forward to matching the annual salary of MOE teachers, then you have to put in at least 40 hours per week or 160 hours of work every month.

But your earnings aren’t limited to that. You can expect more if you have specialization in specific courses. That way, you can charge more. Or you can set up small groups for classes for private tuitions to multiply your time and earn more.

How to Increase Engagement in Online Classes

One of the biggest challenges that one may face while online tutoring is to keep up the engagement. It can be tough to grab attention when you are not in control of the environment. And how to get the control back? Well, there are ways in which you can do that. Some of them include:

  1. Ensuring the Tech is Working

The first thing that you must do is to ensure that everything is working perfectly. The last thing you’d want is a poor internet connection, or worse if you find out your mic’s been on mute the entire time. You want to give a smooth online lesson, and for that, you need to utilize the tools and equipment that support it.

For starters, you will need a stable internet connection, working software along with the knowledge of using it, a backup plan in case something goes wrong technically, and a handout of notes prior to the class so that students can refer to it. It may help you in creating a smooth learning experience.

  1. Keep the Classes Interactive

Another big challenge that you may face during online tutoring is to avoid distractions. It is normal for a student to get distracted during class when they aren’t physically present. They are on their laptop with stable internet connections and access to phones and social media. That makes it easy to be distracted during an online class. So, you need to be on alert all the time. Pay attention to every student during the entire duration. One way you can ensure that everyone is paying attention is by involving them during your tuition assignments Singapore. You can do random Q&As during the session or ask them to write answers on virtual whiteboards that you can easily find in the software.

  1. Create the Right Environment

And lastly, make sure that you are in a conducive environment. You can do that by setting up your workplace in a quiet room. That way, there won’t be any distractions in your background. It can be distracting when the tutor’s sound is getting overpowered by the sounds in the background. Also, you may want to invest in a good pair of headsets so that your voice is clear during the entire session. And also a good camera or webcam.

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