Outdoor Award Ceremony

How to Manage an Outdoor Award Ceremony

Everyone enjoys an exciting award show. Don’t believe us? Just look at a few recent Hollywood red carpet events, and you will know what we mean! So, rewarding people, especially your employees, is of the utmost importance. It boosts their morale and enforces a competitive business environment where everyone will try to outperform each other. They will work harder and with more efficiency to achieve your business’s and their personal goals. It ultimately means that your company will grow and move forward in such challenging economic times.

Things such as AV and production equipment are last-minute hires for hosting a successful award ceremony. The visual side of your award ceremony is one thing that will remain in your guest’s minds. We understand that you don’t require tips for setting up cameras or celebratory preparations. There are particular things like the solid backdrops that you must do to manage your award ceremony successfully. Even if you apply a few of the below-mentioned steps, you’ll be on the right path.

Having a Realistic Event Budget

You have to be realistic with your production budget. If you know that it is on the lower side, always ensure that you know what you can and cannot achieve with the money you have in your hands. It is all fine and well to negotiate the best deals with a vendor. Still, it can be disastrous for your award ceremony if you try to achieve more than what you can afford. Event planners are running a business as well, and they also have to meet their daily targets.

Speak with various event managers and tell them about your budget so they can offer you a deal that fits within it. Please don’t be hesitant to let them know about it, as failing to do so will result in you losing an event manager that might’ve been the best choice in the first place. If it is your first experience with hosting an award ceremony, do some research, and find out the rough costs of everything related to it. These can include finding a location, equipment rentals, finding luxury porta-potties for rent, food preparation and cost, and much more.

Design of the Stage According to Your Liking

If you already know how you want the stage to look, include it in your overall event design. It can consist of varying-sized LED screens, displays, and decorations, to name a few. It will provide your vendors with a clearer image of your vision and ensure you get the stage design you always wanted. On the other hand, you should also challenge your event manager and stage designers to bring forth unique stage design ideas. When you utilize their expertise, you will have a list of stage design ideas, taking into account everything from ceiling heights to stage columns.

For any event, be it an award ceremony or a holly event, branding is vital- whether sponsor exposure or the event logo. Consider incorporating unique logos, animations for LED screens, backdrops, etc., into your overall stage design.

Properly Utilize Music and Lighting

The proper use of music and lighting is vital to creating a rich, exciting atmosphere at your award ceremony. Adequate lighting and the right type of music will transform any venue to make guests feel more involved in the event. Using uplifters and lights that project vivid, eye-popping colors onto ceilings, walls, or the stage will not be expensive. However, it will leave an everlasting impact on guests, and your award ceremony will become the talk of the year.

Subtle music is also a perfect way to start your award ceremony. But ensure that you chose music genres that allow you to set the mood you want. Avoid genres such as rock, metal, or punk as you don’t want anybody to go crazy and break your decorations now, right? If you don’t know what music you should choose, ask your sound engineer to create a playlist for you.

Hire the Right Video Crew

It isn’t ingenious to spend months preparing, implementing, and organizing your award ceremony. You end up capturing none of it? Video, these days, is the quickest and easiest way to share anything. There should be no reason to skimp out when recording your award ceremony and sharing it with other people. It can only happen if you can hire the right video crew and something within your budget.

When going with the right choice, you will get event recording services that include drone services to shoot video from various angles. Furthermore, all photography and event recording companies have social media accounts. You can use your event pictures and videos from their social media accounts and use them to attract sponsors for future events.

Don’t Forget About the Award Presentation Ceremony

The main focus of your award ceremony should be to focus on the winners and finalists. Your nominees and winners should always be the highlight of your event. Do not lose sight of when you prepare and organize your award ceremony. The more exposure you will give your nominees, the better your event scheme will become. For example, you can film your nominees before the ceremony. It will allow you to create video snippets or highlights of the nominees, which you can then incorporate within the award presentation ceremony. You can then play these snippets when the winners come on stage to receive their award. Doing so will bring everything together in an attractive, informative, and exciting way.

Moreover, you can ask your graphics designers to create animated award presentation templates to bring everything to life. So, when announcing the award winner, the LED screens on the stage can add an aspect to liveliness to the celebration.


Many things go into managing an award ceremony other than the five tips mentioned above. When the day of the ceremony comes, consider the experience you want to create for everyone involved in it. And remember, however good or bad your award ceremony ends up being, your next event needs to be even better than your current one. Also, ensure that you hire the right suppliers and vendors, allowing you to manage your award ceremony without any obstacles or hiccups.

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