Moving and Shipping Costs

How to Reduce your Moving and Shipping Costs in Dubai?

As an e-merchant, you need to think about logistics costs and shipping costs in addition to other charges on your business. But, did you know that there are tips to reduce these expenses? We present them to you in this article!

  1. Reduce the cost of packaging

The first item to be optimized is that of packaging. It is absolutely essential to optimize the packaging so that it “sticks” as closely as possible to the product. Thus, you will no longer need to fill them with wedges. You will thus make a gain in dunnage products but you will also lower the weight and / or the volume of the parcel, which will make you save on shipping costs.

We recommend that you choose movers and packers in Dubai that itself maintains and protects the product in place, such as the bubble envelope, the cardboard envelope, the shipping case or the post office box with foam inlay.

  1. Reduce shipping costs

In mainland Dubai, shipping costs are calculated according to the weight of the package (in kilograms). But some carriers apply volumetric weight especially for shipments by air. This means that you pay for the bulk of the package on the plane rather than its actual weight.

The consequence is that if the volumetric weight is greater than the actual weight, the package is franked according to the volumetric weight even for road carriers, resulting in an additional cost for the company.

But, good news, if you hire relocation company in Dubai and apply its packaging advice by eliminating the void in your packages, you will reduce these shipping and moving costs!

If you have several packages shipped at the same time by the same carrier, it is better to make pallets by yourself for yacht rental Dubai because it is more economical and safer. Indeed, this allows you to add additional protection to your products by correctly placing each type of package.

When building a pallet, the carrier does not know what the packages contain, so there is a greater risk of breakage. But, in your warehouse, your handlers know your products perfectly. They are therefore better able to optimally protect each object.

  1. Reduce the cost of storage

It is necessary to store packaging in order to be able to ship the ordered product as quickly as possible. But you have to be careful not to store too many different references so as not to take up too much storage space because this has a cost. This is why, thanks to the advice given earlier in this article, you have already sorted out your shipping packaging and dunnage products.

In order to save space, you can also use cardboard boxes with variable heights. Depending on the model, they can have 8 to 12 different levels, which allows you to close the box as close as possible to the product. For tubular shaped products, we recommend cardboard sleeves which can be cut to the desired length.

When it comes to dunnage products, be aware that there are machines that manufacture dunnage on demand. They use easy-to-store consumables to produce bubble wrap, air cushions, or crumpled kraft paper. Thus, these different wedges no longer take up a lot of storage space!

  1. Reduce order preparation time

Finally, last recommendation: reduce the time of preparation of orders. The easiest way to do this getting help from Movers Packers Dubai  to automate the package packaging steps with suitable equipment: packaging machines of course, but also cardboard boxes with automatic bottoms.

The cardboard boxes with automatic bottom have the particularity of having an instantaneous assembly: it is enough to press on the sides for the bottom to snap into place. All you have to do is place the products in the crate and close the upper part! The time saving is considerable since you skip one step: that of setting up the bottom with adhesive tape. The automatic bottom is reinforced with a double cardboard wall so there is no risk of incident (accidental opening) or theft.

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