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How Paw Patrol teaches how people in society have different roles

Boys or girls, are all fans of the Paw Patrol series! This is a new series with animal characters, and that’s why today you will learn how children can teach a lot about the society we live in while watching the Paw Patrol show from Nickelodeon! This is one of the most popular shows in the world for kids all ages right now, and you will see that’s because your kids can see the characters with the society workers that make our lives better day after day.

The entire Paw Patrol series from Nickelodeon had millions of views in the last month! The main characters of the Paw Patrol series are little dogs from dalmatians, pitbulls, bulldogs to poodels, which will all have different roles and attributes based on their service.

Who deosn’t love a fireman

Inside the Paw Patrol games, one of the most iconic character is going to be the Dalmatian. If you ever passed by Fire station you know which is the mascot for it: a Dalmatian dog, which is custom to live inside the station due to a folklor story, and it’s kept even today.

The Fireman Paw Patrol character is going to be one of these dalmatian breed, and he is going to be dressed for the job. You will see that he is going to have a full on red suit and helmet, and will have on his back the special backpack, which will give each of the puppies special abilities, like a superpower.

A mechanic can save the day

If you’re ever stuck in a jam, and your car breaks down, you need a car mechanic. We have a general mechanic in the Paw Patrol story, and he is dressed in green, and will be a Husky dog. He will have a backpack filled with special tools that a mechanic uses to fix robots, motorcycles, cars, helicopters or trains, which you will all find in the Paw Patrol city.

Policemen that keep the streets safe

Whenever is danger on the streets, your children need to know that they can always rely on the Police! Police is just one call away, and they need to learn fast that if calling 911, they can be saved from any danger just like in the Paw Patrol series, where you can see that there’s a police officer, and his name is Ryder. He will be dressed in a policeman costume, with a cap and a special backpack himself.

The savour from the sky

The entire Paw Patrol cartoon is based on the human lives of dogs, and you will see that there’s going to be a saviour that tries to help and be one of the best aid for each mission. Skye is her name, and she is going to be the pink puppy, and she is going to have the ability to fly with the help of her backpack, and that will make her a saviour!

She can fly fast to any part of the city, avoiding traffic, and she can pick up her friends and place them in other parts of the city, and she will try to teach your kids that most of the times, simpler is better than complicated, and faster at the same time.

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