How Tiles Can Make Your Space Look Big?

Have you ever thought about what will make your small rooms appear bigger?

Did you ever notice that rearranging a few of the things at your home will make your rooms look bigger?

Do you know that tiles put a huge impact on the size of your rooms?

Then this article is just for you!!!

Here you’ll be reading about how tiles play a vital role in making your small spaces look gigantic!!!!

It’s an art to choose the right tiles for your rooms. And you must know what type of tiles will make your rooms look more heavenly and huge. Most of the time the mistakes that people make are going for random tiles and then regret.

You know what, there is no point in regretting after you have installed the tiles. So always think before you act!!! And I believe after reading this article you will know how your tiles will put a noticeable impact on your spaces.

Always Go For Format Floor Tiles

It’s all about tricking your eyes to make your rooms appear large!!!

Larger tiles will always do that for you. When you install these sorts of tiles on your floors or walls, the role that it mainly plays is it reduces the busy factor around the spacing.

On the other hand, smaller tiles (i.e mosaic) have more grout lines (these are lines that you see between tiles). Due to this, the whole space looks very busy and congested.

So if your rooms are small then always choose larger tiles. As there are few grout lines, these trick the eyes to make the spaces look bigger. One more trick that can be applied is blending the tile grouts into one single shade. This sort of effect will give an illusion of bigger space because the tiles appear to be in a single slab.

Choose Glossy Tiles

Light plays an essential role in making your spaces look bigger. When you allow natural light to enter your space magically you’ll see that room has expanded. This can only be possible if you have installed glossy tiles on your floors and walls.

The reason for this is when light enters your space, it directly hits the tiles which then reflects back. Thus enhancing the space of your rooms and also the room looks brighter.

If natural light is not possible then try to install energy light bulbs, this will also do the trick for you. So the fact that you need to keep in mind is that putting enough lighting so that your tiles can reflect it!!!!

So stay away from darker tiles as they absorb light and will make the room appear smaller!!!

Basic Tiles Will Do The Illusion

Busy patterned tiles always strike the eyes with their beauty! And they can also dominate the spaces. Tiles such as marble, or other types of vinyl are not always suitable for smaller rooms. The reason is it makes smaller rooms more “busy” due to its patterns all over the tiles.

Installing basic and simple tiles in these cases adds simplicity to your spaces and it makes the enhancement or illusion that you have quite a big room.

Choosing simple and bright color tiles will also open up the spaces. So make sure that with simple and basic tiles, the color also needs to be bright and simple to add that effect of bigger rooms.

Tile Layout Matters

Have you ever noticed that your layout and configuration of tiles play a magical role in lengthening your spaces?

This is how it works. The moment you have chosen the right tiles for your room, now it’s time for the layout. The way you are going to lay your tiles will ensure whether the room will have that elongated look or not!!!

The best principle is the “Simplicity Principle”. It simply means that the simpler your configuration the more you’ll be able to elongate your space.

For instance, herringbone and chevron are highly recommended for lengthening narrowed spaces. But it’s not always like that because if your room is more rectangular then you should always go for the traditional vertical or horizontal layouts.

Putting rectangular tiles vertically on your floor creates that illusion of lengthening of your rooms. It’s a master trick that can be implemented in small bathrooms, kitchens, and entry rooms.

Matching Wall And Floors Always Do The Trick.

It’s a common phenomenon that having matching tiles installed both on your walls and floors will always make your spaces look more open. Simple toned color on walls and floors will create a trick on your eyes making your rooms seem bigger and elongated.

In contrast, having darker-toned tiles will do the opposite, that is it will cut-out space and will make your space look more congested and busy!!

Hope this article will help you out in making your heaven spaces more spacious!!!

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