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How to add a Marathi Keyboard in WhatsApp?

Adding on the keyboard to your WhatsApp is pretty simple and sorted. You need not stick to the same keyboard for a lifetime. You need a change and twist in it. Having your default keyboard offer you many other languages is a good feature but having a whole different app for solely that language can give you more additional benefits. You get to have smooth translating, an authentic language, and whatnot. If you have already downloaded your favorite keyboard but are not able to add it to WhatsApp surely give a read to the below steps. How to add marathi keyboard in whatsapp?

Step 1- Have your app downloaded from your Play store. Make sure you choose the right one, the selection is a crucial task and you don’t want to go wrong with it.

Step 2- You need to head over to your Phone’s setting and then choose the system option available. Directing you to a page where you have to choose Language and Input as your option. Select the add option to your virtual keyboard and add on the newly installed Marathi keyboard.  Head over to your WhatsApp and experience the new features provided by the app and none the less the language that you were looking for.

These steps act as a guide as to when you want to add on an entirely new keyboard and not work with your default keyboard i.e., Gboard. However, if you want to continue with it you can just follow these steps:

Step 1- Head over to settings of your phone

Step 2- Click the system option which you might find at the end of the page

Step 3- Choose language and input

Step 4- Selecting the Language option you can add a new language to your phone.

Step 5- Go check out your WhatsApp and find your keyboard’s language to be changed.

You can easily achieve what you are looking for with these steps, it is easy to understand and imply. However, it is well recommended that if you have a conversation in your own local language using a app for the language itself will be much more better. Those apps will help you learn and understand Marathi, and the emojis and other AI innovations will make your experience much better.

Bharat’s Keyboard promises you such an experience, where you connect at a whole different level with the other person, keeping your chats personalized and suggesting emojis and words. Having a different app is considered much more authentic. With such apps choose the themes you want to work with and get started.

An app is full of rich features which can be used for formal and informal communication. You can customize according to your needs and need not worry about the purchase too. A whole new experience that too free of any charges. You can even work with the Marathi translation without any internet connectivity.

An app that gives pleasure to work with and makes sure that you are keeping the conversation fun and lively. WhatsApp will surely be a better experience for each one of you with Bharat Keyboard as your partner. Download Marathi Keyboard App here!

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