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How to Choose a Smartphone for Your Child: 4 Key Criteria 

Today, you can use your smartphone for everything. Even the cheapest models allow you to watch YouTube in average quality, play the least demanding Flash or HTML5 games, like slots at CasinoChan, and read eBooks. Choosing a smartphone for an adult is not hard. But how to select a phone for kids? These 4 criteria will help you buy the right gadget.

Screen Size

To determine the best smartphone size, take your children to the mall and let them hold different models in their hand. Today’s smartphone models are quite large. Nowadays, it’s difficult to find a good smartphone that fits in your pocket. But on the big screen, it is more convenient to work and your eyes are less tired. 

Operating System

The most popular operating systems are Android and iOS. Only Apple releases iOS smartphones, and they are not cheap. Most manufacturers install Android on their devices, so the choice of models is much wider.

The newer the operating system, the more expensive the smartphone, but Google has found a way out and created Android Go. This version of the operating system is designed specifically for budget smartphones with up to 1 GB of RAM. Android Go is a lighter version of the penultimate version of Android 8.1 Oreo, but the Go version takes twice less memory, which increases the performance of the smartphone.

There are smartphones for children that have child-friendly features. Some manufacturers produce smartphones or smart watches with geolocation and tapping functions. 


The minimum recommended amount of RAM for a modern smartphone is 2 GB. A smartphone with 2-3 GB of RAM will be enough for a young child, for an older child it is better to get a smartphone with 3-4 GB. But if you buy a smartphone on Android Go, 1 GB of RAM will be enough to download non-burdensome games and apps.

As for the built-in memory, it all depends on how much content your child will download to the smartphone. In any case, a huge plus of Android smartphones is that you can always install a memory card.


Of course, there is no need to buy an expensive camera phone for your child. To take pictures of average quality, the main camera at 8-13 megapixels and the front one at 5-8 will be enough. Of course, you can find smartphones with more powerful cameras. The main thing here is to be guided by the cost.

Now almost all smartphones update the cameras first, it is at the expense of these updates the price of gadgets increases.

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