Master’s Dissertation: Definition, Goals, And Objectives

A master’s thesis is a qualifying work performed at the end of a master’s degree program. After the defense, the graduate is awarded the qualification of a master’s degree.

What Gives A Master’s Dissertation

The two-level system of higher education – Bachelor’s and Master’s – gives the graduate an excellent opportunity to get two diplomas in six years and gain a competitive advantage in the labor market. Writing and defending a graduate qualification work in a Master’s program guarantees a student the academic degree of Master’s. If you don’t know where to begin writing such publications and are wondering, “Who can help me write my paper to create a respectable dissertation?”, you may go to professional writing services to get professional essays, research papers, or dissertations. You may also gain ideas by looking at examples of similar works.

Subsequently, you have an opportunity to continue your education in graduate school and later in doctoral studies. Written during the years of study Master’s can be an excellent basis for the doctoral dissertation. Writing it will be much easier with the baggage of knowledge gained scientifically during the writing of the master’s thesis.

A Master’s thesis is independently prepared graduate research of a student on a major subject, which has originality and uniqueness.

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The Structure of Master´s Dissertation

According to the standard, the study should contain a title page, table of contents, introduction, the text of the thesis – chapters of the work, a bibliographical list and appendices.

  • The introduction contains the relevance of the topic, the degree of its development, the rationale for scientific novelty, and the methodology.
  • The main text should contain at least two chapters, which disclose theoretical and practical data.
  • The conclusion contains key conclusions of the research and prospects for further study of the theme.
  • The master’s dissertation should also be accompanied by an abstract and a list of previously published papers.

Key Differences Between Master’s Dissertation And Diploma Thesis

Upon graduation, the student is required to write and defend a thesis, which confirms their skills, skills in his specialty and allows the awarding of a bachelor’s or specialist’s degree.

The dissertation differs from the diploma in the depth of study of the chosen topic of development and the new result, which has scientific or practical significance. In addition:

  • the volume of the master’s thesis contains up to 120 pages or more, depending on the requirements of the university, while the volume of the diploma is much smaller and corresponds to 60-80 pages;
  • the dissertation contains a more in-depth analysis of the literature on the topic, which is analyzed and interpreted by the author.

Both types of research are aimed at forming students’ skills of independent work in the professional field with the support of the supervisor. They are defended at the meeting of the Attestation Commission with the subsequent assignment of qualification to the student. An exception is a number of medical profiles: instead of defending the research, they take a state qualification exam and undergo primary accreditation.

The Master’s dissertation has a great research focus and is similar to the Ph.D. thesis in its structure and objectives.

Requirements Regulating The Preparation Of Master’s Thesis

Depending on the scientific branch, the standards of unity of measurements, and units of physical quantities, federal standards for training areas can also be used.

In practice, each higher education institution prepares its own guidelines, regulations, and requirements for the design of a master’s dissertation. They give instructions on the content, design, structure, preparation of the report and presentation, and preparation for the defense procedure. The university has the right to issue its own standard that establishes the rules for writing a master’s thesis for various programs.

In any master’s dissertation, a certain problem must be solved, theoretical, experimental, practical research and scientific novelty must be obtained. A new solution to a significant problem and justified developments for applied purposes is what the student works on the research for.

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