The Adventure Challenge Couple’s Edition Review

The Adventure Challenge Couple’s Edition Review

Are you looking for fun date ideas to enjoy with your partner? If you have run out of imagination or no longer feel the excitement to organize fun nights, why not give The Adventure Challenge Couple’s Edition a shot?

This scratch-off book has proven to become a game-changer for a myriad of couples, offering them a list of challenges to complete whenever they need an adventure.

The following review of The Adventure Challenge Couple’s Edition explains everything you need to know about the product.

What is it?

The Adventure Challenge for couples is a scratch-off datebook, which provides affordable date ideas for couples who wish to reintroduce excitement, surprise, and adrenaline in dating. The concept is absolutely mind-blowing, as it offers a sense of adventure that many partners lack after years of dating or being married.

Moreover, the Adventure Challenge resembles a date night subscription box. Nevertheless, it’s much more affordable and thrilling. It makes an excellent gift for your husband/wife, as it allows the other partner to participate in the challenges and have fun together.

How does it work?

The Adventure Challenge Couple’s Edition book provides users with fifty challenges to complete with their partners at budget-friendly price points, ranging from free to a maximum of $50. Nevertheless, partners can reveal the challenges only by scratching the square fields in the book. Each square represents a different challenge. The moment you scratch an activity off, you are required to do it.

In addition, all challenges are classified into multiple categories, such as outdoors, arts and crafts, cooking, indoors, etc. Each activity is given an individual title in order for couples to guess what it is. Also, there are various symbols, which are placed next to each mystery to provide basic information about it, such as the location and time frame.

For instance, if you see a baby symbol, it means you will have to hire a babysitter for the night. While most of the adventures can be enjoyed around kids, some of them can be tricky to accomplish without a babysitter. Check out ten date ideas that don’t require a babysitter. Conversely, the sun symbol indicates that the activity should be done during daylight, as it will be relatively tough to be performed in the dark.

Furthermore, the camera symbol indicates the adventure requires either a photo or video camera to be accomplished. The tree symbol is placed next to activities that are best done outdoors, meaning you should wait for a nice day. If you see a car symbol next to the title, it means you should go somewhere to complete the adventure, like to the park, an ice cream shop, etc.

The moon symbol stands alongside activities that are the most fun if done after the sun sets. The house sign is self-explanatory, indicating the challenge is done indoors. If you see a water symbol, it means you and your partner will get wet while doing the activity.

Price tags are also included to inform couples about any additional costs. For example, if the date involves cooking, you will be informed about the approximate cost of the ingredients. The symbols and price tags are included to provide couples with basic knowledge without ruining the excitement and mystery.

Additionally, next to each activity, there is a special space provided for partners to attach a photograph of enjoying the adventure. Besides attaching a picture, you can write down a couple of notes to describe the experience, as you would in a traditional memory book.

What makes it a great product?

Many couples consider The Adventure Challenge Couples’ Edition a great product, as it restored the excitement of the time when they commenced dating. At the beginning of every relationship, partners do their best to organize the perfect date nights by providing nothing but hints to the other person. Nevertheless, as the relationship evolves, the effort invested by both parties fades away, and dating starts feeling monotonous. Follow this link,, to see why and how to date your spouse.

Nevertheless, this scratch-off book brings the element of excitement back. Only this time, the book provides all the hints, not you or your partner. Your job is just to be open to adventure and leave planning aside. At the same time, partners are provided with enough control to get an idea of the activity while still feeling excited.

Is the book specific to a given country/region?

Potential buyers are interested in learning whether this book is specific to a certain region/country. You will be happy to learn that it can be completed anywhere. Nevertheless, users should know that the estimated cost range of each activity is listed in USD. Some of the adventures need to be accomplished at a general location, like a pool, grocery store, ice-cream store, etc. Keep in mind that any activity can be adjusted to your own liking.

What can you use to scratch off the challenges?

Buyers are also interested to learn how to scratch the squares. There is a small plastic scratcher included in every box. If you happen to lose it, you can use a fingernail or a credit card for this purpose. While coins serve this purpose as well, they cause damage to the scratch-off material.

The bottom line

If you and your partner wish to revive the spark, this book can help you do it!

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