How to get a job abroad legally? What are the requirements to work abroad?

The easiest way to legally find employment abroad is to enter into an employment contract through a special agency. The cost of services will be justified in a couple of months. Thus for 2-3 years of the contract it is possible to earn from 60 to 80 thousand dollars. In some countries, if the employee has no claims, it is possible to extend the contract, and in the future even citizenship.

Legal foreign jobs involve the execution of an employment contract between the employer and the applicant. To protect yourself from fraud, which is common in the field of foreign employment, you need to read the contract before paying for the services of the agency. The document provided must clearly state:

          the type of occupation and the nature of the work provided;

          working and living conditions in a foreign country;

          the amount of wages, features of its accrual and payment, the presence in the company of a system of fines and penalties, their size, etc .;

          rights and obligations of the parties – employer and employee;

          the procedure for terminating the contract;

          provision or absence of uniforms, insurance, housing for the employee and other social guarantees.

In addition to the actual agreement between the employer and the employee, legal work abroad involves the execution of several other documents, without which travel to work abroad is impossible. It:

          foreign passport (does not expire);

          work permit confirmed by the employer;

          for EU countries – Schengen visa, target visa, for some countries – additional work visa;

          medical insurance;

          health certificates;

          document on no criminal record in Ukraine.

When applying for a work visa, it is necessary to check whether the following data is entered correctly:

          passport number;

          Full name;

          date of birth;

          visa validity;

          its category;

          the status in which the person will be abroad

Special attention is paid to the state of health of potential applicants during legal employment. For example, to enter the UAE, it is necessary to provide certificates of absence of hepatitis B, C, HIV and some other diseases. Medical requirements for going abroad may vary from country to country. Compulsory health insurance is also required to travel to European countries.

How and where to find foreign jobs for you?

Today there is nothing easier than finding a job abroad on the Internet. One of the best sites is Layboard.

When getting a job abroad through intermediaries, it is necessary to check the reliability of the company itself. In part, this will help the real feedback of others about working abroad, but the final decision on employment often have to make their own. How not to suffer from the actions of fraudsters when looking for work abroad?

Asking the agency for help, you need to find out a few points that can clarify the situation:

          what type of visa will be issued for travel abroad;

          who is engaged in registration of visas;

          how exactly the payment for work will be made – monthly or at the end of the contract, in cash or by card, etc .;

          who bears the transport costs, the cost of visas, food and accommodation in another country;

          the employer will provide health insurance;

          nuances of the employment contract depending on the future place of work.

Particular attention should be paid to the visa process. If you are offered a job on a tourist visa, employment will be illegal.

If there are any doubts about the legality and type of visa issued, it can be checked through the embassy of the country to which the departure is planned. The system of codification of visas in each of the diplomatic missions is established. By contacting the embassy and calling the visa number (it will be marked in the passport), you can find out for sure whether the visa is working or tourist.

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