Common Problems In Getting A Title In A Real Estate Case

You must be aware of legal procedures, the land’s history, and the agreements to be signed upon buying a real estate property. Usually, a title could be associated with something that does not grant ownership, and the buyer of the land might not be aware of it. 

Therefore, it is a better idea to always do a title search before signing the contract so that you can find out if any defects might affect the ownership of getting a title. In some cases, you might have thought there is nothing wrong, but a Monroe real estate transaction lawyer could be able to do a thorough property check legally so that you are taking ownership of a good title.

Here are some of the common problems in getting a title:

  • Title forgery

Fabricated documents and forgery on the title can occur, and you are requested to ensure all the documents you are signing are original only. Unfortunately, if a forgery takes place and is caught in the public record, your ownership of the property could be in danger.

  • Issues with boundary

You are advised to do a proper title search before taking ownership of a property. Usually, after signing up on the agreement, a neighboring landowner might claim that a small piece from the property you signed belongs to them. Hence, it is essential to avoid such disputes before signing and getting the title of a property.

  • Public record errors

Errors can happen, but the impact of an error in public records of titles can create massive damage to your ownership, rights of a property and put your title in jeopardy. With the help of an attorney, you can find a way out of the issue and resolve it legally. 

  • Title chain break

Usually, a title chain is the list of all the ownership that was transferred to several parties from time to time. In case there is a gap in the public record, it can create complications in successfully getting the title or ownership of a property.

A title search should be the first thing a person should do if they have decided to buy a property because title problems may arise in unusual ways that the buyer may not have anticipated. To fight through the title problems, you need an experienced and well-qualified attorney specializing in real estate. If not, a buyer can find trouble in fixing the issue.

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