How to Sell SEO: A Guide to Getting More SEO Sales

SEO is an important part of any business’s digital marketing strategy because it helps them reach people who are actively searching online. The more SEO sales your company makes, the better it will do financially! Selling SEO is a popular topic because it’s so important. Today we will go over how to sell your clients on getting more SEO sales with some easy-to-use tips and tricks!

Polish Your Value Proposition

Your value proposition is the main way that you sell your clients to get more seo services. You want to clearly explain what they are going to get out of working with you and why it’s worth their time and money, so make sure that this section of your website has a strong message! Two great things about having an excellent value proposition are:

People can see at a glance what they’re getting if they work with you instead of another company (meaning a higher chance for sales).

Suppose someone doesn’t understand something in your message or isn’t interested. In that case, those people won’t waste any time reading through all the information and will probably leave before even clicking down deeper into the funnel.

Seeing potential customers leave so quickly can hurt your business and makes it harder to sell SEO in the long run. You want people who are interested in working with you, not just scrolling past a website because they don’t have time for all that extra information! So make sure your value proposition is clear and easy to understand if you want to keep them on your website longer, which will help generate more sales overall.

Work With Trusted Vendors

Another mistake companies tend to make when trying to sell SEO is having too many different vendors instead of consolidating into one or two big partners. Having several small providers means that nobody knows what each company’s product looks like, how much it costs, or even whether or not it works.

In order to provide SEO, companies should pick out a select few trusted vendors and work with them specifically instead of wasting time trying to find other providers or having several partners all doing the same thing but in different ways (which will lead to more expensive costs and fewer profits for your business). You can even bundle services together if you want, which is an excellent way to save money—make sure that they’re able to provide enough value for what you need!

Perfect Your Cold Emails

One of the best ways to get people on board is through cold email. Cold emails are an excellent way for companies to target customers who may be interested in their products and services because it’s more personal than just having a website popup or banner ad, which can turn off potential buyers.

One thing that you want your company’s team members to keep in mind when writing cold emails is this:

When sending out these types of messages, the goal shouldn’t be trying to sell someone something right away but instead give them some information, so they feel like they know what you’re selling before going deeper into the funnel (i.e., asking for a meeting). If someone doesn’t understand how your product or service works, they won’t be able to take advantage of it and make an investment.

Also, try your best not to send out spam emails because people will get annoyed quickly and stop reading them entirely, which is a waste for both you and the customers who are interested in learning more! Instead, find ways around this by using relevant subject lines that grab their attention so they’re more likely to open up your email versus deleting it right away (which could hurt SEO sales).

Use Case Studies

Another effective way to sell SEO is using case studies of other companies who have worked with your company before and what the results were. This shows people that you can provide real value, not just fluff like some websites do, to get more customers!

Gather Client Testimonials

These are excellent for helping your team members understand exactly what they’re getting when it comes to working with you and how much value there is in hiring a company like yours instead of another one who may not have the same amount of experience, time, or effort put into their work as you do (and oftentimes lower prices).

So make sure that all new hires on your sales team know about these types of things because it will help them succeed at selling SEO while also providing valuable information so customers can see why investing in an awesome, trustworthy business like yours would be worth their money!


The world is evolving rapidly, and the internet is an ever-present part of our lives. As such, it’s important to know how search engines work in order to get your business noticed on Google. This guide provides the information you need to sell SEO services and achieve success for your company.

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