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How to Choose a Social Work Case Management Software

People have been helping each other for millennia, whether it’s finding out how to teach children to learn or caring for the sick and elderly. Social work is a profession that has been around for centuries. With the rise in technology, social workers are now turning to different software platforms to help them manage their caseload and stay organized.

Case management software can be very useful when you need to track clients, make reports, or schedule appointments with other professionals. There are many options on the market today so how do you choose? In this article, we will discuss some of the things that social workers should take into consideration before they buy, so that they make the best possible choice for themselves and their organization.

What Is Social Work?

Social work is a social science that uses principles of human behavior and social interaction to help people develop their full potential. Social work helps individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities.

Social workers often involve themselves in caring for people who have social disadvantages. They provide their clients with support, guidance and strategies for problem-solving in their everyday lives.

Do Initial Research Online

Your first investment will involve spending time on the internet learning about the different providers of social work case management software. You can start by looking on internet review sites such as or to compare your options. You can then narrow down the list of providers that will work best for you.

The internet is full of resources, including blogs written by others in similar fields or professionals who specialize in this area. You’ll learn more about the functionality of the software as you go. It won’t’ take long before you find social services software that makes a difference, including flexible platforms that are designed for non-profit organizations. You can view webinars to help you decide, and discover ways to make your job simpler and your data more transparent.

Find Out About Each Provider

Once you have a shortlist of possible software companies visit their websites individually to look further at what they offer. You’ll need to see if it is comparable with your current system, or better.

This research should also include discovering who else uses this provider. You should then make direct contact via email or phone to learn more. Find out how well these systems are working within social work organizations, in order to get an inside perspective from the users. This will always be better than simply reading online marketing material, which will be biased. A key aspect you should ask about is customer service, as you’ll want a provider who is easy to contact and quick to resolve issues should they arise.

Review Your Needs

Review your current organization and list all your requirements. Assess what currently works well and what areas you wish to improve. This way, you’ll spend your money and time wisely. Ask yourself some key questions:

  1. What is the ultimate purpose of this software?
  2. How many people will be using it at a given time?
  3. Will you need to collaborate with others outside your organization (i.e., other companies, clients)?
  4. Which devices are you working on or planning on supporting in the future (iPad tablets, laptops, smartphones, etc.)?

If you discover software that fully meets your company’s needs (and solves some of your current issues) it will be easier to put forward a case for getting it.

Look For Flexibility

Every company is different, meaning there is no generic software solution for social services to use. As a result, it’s essential that your chosen provider is able to totally customize it for your purposes.

Social services involve themselves in a host of different activities, from helping the homeless to volunteer management. Something that works okay for work with youth or families may be unsuitable for helping seniors or people with disabilities. Some platforms might have cutting-edge features for supporting people who live with chronic health conditions while others may excel at helping people gain employment and maintain it long term.

Cloud-Based Or Not?

If the software is cloud-based your data will be stored on a third-party server. This option is often more expensive, but you wouldn’t have to manage the hardware by using an in-house system. This would free up your resources to helping people instead of working with computer servers.

If your data is stored in the cloud it will be easier to access. Caseworkers could view important information wherever they are, and whether they are using a smartphone or computer.

Schedule A Demo

If you request a demo you can see for yourself how the software works in real life. You can speak to an expert who can answer any questions that come up during the session. Some demos take place over a 15-minute video call, allowing you to see the screens in operation.

Better still, you could arrange for someone to come onsite and offer a demonstration. You could access the user interface and find out if your colleagues would cope with the dashboard. It would also be possible to see how the software copes under pressure, in real-life situations. For instance, is it temperamental? Does it crash? Are there slow response times?

General Considerations

Ask similar social service organizations which software they use. This can be a great way to figure out which software will be most effective for you. Also, talk to experienced social workers who have used a variety of different software. They will quickly be able to tell you their likes and dislikes about each one.

Read client reviews and testimonials on the service provider websites. Compare the costs and see which companies offer you more for your money. Once you’ve made a thorough study of what’s available and identified your requirements, you’ll be ready to proceed. If you choose the right company, your case management software will act as a vital tool during your daily working life. Both you and your colleagues will be enabled to best serve your clients as a result.

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