What to Wear on a Yacht Party

There is hardly anything better than being on an undulating sea for a time off. When it is about a holiday or a celebration party, boat parties have a class and euphoria of their own. People stand around you carousing; their glasses filled with cocktails and their smiles right up to their temples. An important aspect of these parties is how you look; your style reflects your personality, and you cannot afford giving a bad or an average style statement. Yacht hire in Sydney is available at Sydney Harbour Escapes.

Choosing a boat party attire can be mind-boggling for some people but it is not that big a deal. You just have to keep certain factors in your dress calculation and you will be good to go.

Yacht dress code is not a fixed one one; it varies according to the nature of the party and the time of the day. Similarly, yacht party dress varies with respect to your sex too as men and women have their own options of dresses to choose from.

Clothes for a yacht party will not be heavy and formal; minimalistic and light outfits will rule the roost. Fabric has to allow you to feel the zephyr. The colors you will don will determine the number of eyes which are focused upon you as the center of attraction. These parties are characterized by elite experiences and you would not like any glitches, so choosing appropriate clothes is not just about how much you are spending but it is also about what are you spending for. Keeping all these factors into consideration, following are some recommendations regarding how you should dress for a Yacht Rental dubai.

Day Yacht Party

 Day Yacht parties are extremely fun as you get to see the sea around you pretty clearly. With the wavy and breezy atmosphere, you must dress in a way which complements your surroundings. Whatever you choose to wear must give you a relaxing look in case it is an informal party. “Go with the flow”, they say. Not only that, be careful about the colors you choose to don. Light colors are the preferred colors with everything light in color around you. Furthermore, you need to avoid sunburn during the day which brings sunscreen into the picture.

  • For Women

It must be elegant, classy and stylish but comfortable at the same time. Choosing an attire keeping all these factors in mind can be problematic at times, but you can get an idea from what you are expecting from the party.

  • Go with shorts

Staying away from the water is not possible otherwise you should not be there in the first place. This automatically calls for a bikini or a swimsuit under the outfit you wear.

 Choose light colors here.

  • What about a Top or Maxi?

On top of it, you will be great in a skirt or a maxi. Make sure that your outfit is not very tight as you are here to relax

  • Don’t miss sun glasses & Sunscreen

In addition to that, sunglasses eye protection is a must as you don’t want to be getting uneasy with the glare of the sun when you are out in the open. They magnify your style manifolds, so choose them wisely.

Also keep your sunscreen with you to save your skin from the dazzling sun.

  • Choose Footwear Wisely

As far as the footwear is concerned, it is going to be bumpy and you don’t want to have unstable feet with high heels. Go for flat shoes in the form of sandals or pumps.

  • Add some light Accessories

Accessories will add to the grace and elegance of your personality; carry a bag light in color but make sure that it is waterproof. A large fancy hat won’t be too bad either. Similarly, you might be wearing a watch, earrings and make up but waterproof stuff is your go to option.

  • For Men

Colors have to be light and don’t go in for dark colors as they are heat absorbent and don’t go with the casual and light surroundings.

  • Give a Try to printed shirts

As a man you may choose a full buttoned fancy print carribean style shirt, a plain light colored full buttoned shirt, a T-shirt or a polo shirt. Don’t forget to roll up your sleeves in case of a full sleeve shirt to give an informal and casual look.

  • Trousers must be looking funky too

Trousers are the ultimate option along with bermudas and shorts which are tailored cut above the knees. Trousers must not be tight. However, you can go for tight jean shorts too.

  • What about the Footwear?

Footwear will consist of boating shoes which will prevent you from slipping and losing balance again and again. Sneakers are good to go in this regard.

  • Colored glasses will suit you

Get a pair of light colored glasses or you may choose dark colored ones to contrast with the light colored dress and surroundings.

  • Other Accessories

Put on a watch and take a hat with you. Here, again, go for a water resistant watch.

Night Yacht Party

Night changes the weather at sea. Sun is gone and it may get quite cool at night at sea. Night parties at yachts offer you a chance to put on dark colored outfits.

  • For Women

Be a Stunner

At night it will get a little formal touch. Skirts will still be fine; trousers with elegant tops will be great. Don’t forget a wrap or jacket to avoid the cold late at night.

Give a try to Heals

Footwear will also be according to the changes. Heels are still out of consideration; shoes will be flat.

No need for a hat or glasses but you can complement your dress with a classy bag.

  • For Men

Add a vibrant Jacket to look classy

Nothing changes really. Sleeves might come down at night. The only add on will be a jacket as weather changes at night when there is no scorching heat of sun.

Try Formal Shoes

Shoes will be a little more classy and formal. Accessories like watches will change their nature from sporting watches to classy formal ones.

Hence, class and elegance are the only permanent features with the changes. Remember, you are here to have fun and your dress will reflect your mood. Not only that, it will mirror your fashion sense as well. You can stop dithering and make a sound decision about your apparels from the guidelines mentioned above. Keep calm and have a blast at the party.

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