How To Choose An Audiovisual Production Company?

Currently there are many audiovisual production companies that offer their services to make the corporate video of a company, brand, website or social networks.

However, to choose the correct one, some factors must be taken into account so that the video we want is a success and not a disappointment.

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Factors to consider when choosing an audiovisual production company

To know how to choose an audiovisual production company, some factors must be taken into account before hiring it, in order to obtain a quality service that meets our needs.

Has a good portfolio

The audiovisual production company must have a large number of examples of videos that it has made. Some of these production companies usually have a web page with a good design, however, what you should look at when choosing, is in the examples of previous work carried out, that is, that it has a good portfolio.


An audiovisual production company that dominates the market and has experience, makes budgets with reasonable prices available to clients. The poorly organized or insolvent audiovisual companies do not offer budgets, unlike the leading producers that have previously established prices, because they are sure of the work they do.


Reliable audiovisual production companies have facilities that demonstrate their solvency. However, there may be private or amateur production companies that are starting in the audiovisual area that do not have facilities but that have the capacity to make quality videos.

Productive means

A good audiovisual production company must have all the necessary means to make videos, such as professional cameras, Led lighting, monitors, cranes, wireless audio, among others.

Web page

The audiovisual world has evolved in recent years in a transcendental way, that is why an audiovisual production company must have a good website that demonstrates its experience. Taking into account that currently you must work with digital marketing.

Wide range of audiovisual services

A qualified audiovisual production company must offer a wide variety of audiovisual options, that is, it must have a wide portfolio of services with their respective prices. A production company must offer you from high quality corporate or industrial videos to simple videos for the web at affordable prices. Also, they must offer advertising spots for TV, among other audiovisual resources.

Contact information

The audiovisual production company must give you the contact information in order to follow up on the contracted service. That data would be a telephone number or physical address, which generates confidence to the client.

Videos of different themes

It is necessary for the production company to have experience in videos of different themes or sectors. You should not trust a production company that has only made videos related to a single sector, as the service you request may not meet the requirements you require. A good producer must have worked in the different sectors and know what works or not in each one of them.

Detailed budget

When requesting a service from an audiovisual production company, you must ask for a detailed budget, where each step of the audiovisual project is specified. The budget cannot be a copy and paste of other audiovisual works. The production company must present an original project, which must be well explained in reference to the completion deadlines, the resources to be used, the audiovisual marketing they propose and the staff they require. A good budget generates confidence in the audiovisual production company.


An analysis must be made of the proposals received by the producers taking into account all the criteria, that is, price, portfolio, project and execution budget. This analysis must be carried out in order to choose the audiovisual production company that best meets the necessary requirements for the requested service.

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