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How to choose an ideal neighborhood to buy a house in Egypt

If you are interested in buying a house during the new normal, you have to put these tips into practice to know how to choose an ideal colony. Start building your heritage in the home of your dreams!

Buying a house is still the dream of many people, whether they want to buy it to live in it or to put it up for rent and generate new income in their pockets. Whatever your case, choosing an ideal cologne is not as easy as it seems; There are several factors that make one better than the others, at least for your life goals. Therefore, we tell you how to choose a neighborhood and buy a house in an area that offers a good lifestyle, has efficient services and maintains constant urban growth. Find out below!

How to choose an ideal neighborhood to buy a house?

Compare prices in different areas

The first step in choosing a house in the ideal neighborhood is to make a price comparison in different areas, municipalities or residential areas. For this you will have to set a budget that covers the notarial expenses, deeds, real estate appraisal and the down payment of the property of interest.

From the above, you can define how much money you have to invest in buying a home. When you know this information, it is time for you to make a price comparison, and a very simple method to do it is to start your search on reliable real estate portals. This will be very useful if you want to acquire real estate during the health contingency due to COVID-19 and do not want to expose yourself when visiting a variety of properties, so you can go to schedule a guided tour.

Make sure you have all the services

One factor that determines whether you are investing correctly in the ideal neighborhood is knowing if the area has all the basic public services to live comfortably. That is to say, that the property you want to buy has access to drinking water, drainage, rainwater system, electricity, stationary gas, and even has various telecommunications antennas, so that you can have internet and mobile phone service. To determine the quality of basic services, you can go to ask various residents of the neighborhood and in case it is deficient, it is best to look for other options from the list of houses that have been of interest to you.

Make sure it provides security

The most important thing after setting a budget is choosing a safe place to live. Your ideal colony should provide well-being and tranquility to your family. Therefore, it is essential to investigate that the area maintains low crime rates, is a good neighborhood and that it is also a pet-friendly area, in case of having pets and small children at home. On the other hand, if you are an older adult, it is recommended to choose a property that is new or that does not require many renovations. This with the intention of avoiding inconvenience in situations of natural catastrophes such as hurricanes, landslides or earthquakes.

Check if there is public transport and access roads

Living in an area with public transport is one of the most important amenities of buying a house in the ideal neighborhood, especially if it has access roads to avenues and main streets, so it is one of the characteristics that you should take in counts when searching for a colony. Regardless of whether you have your own car, it is always more feasible to invest in an area that offers an easy transfer to your workplace or any destination such as markets, shopping malls, schools, etc. If you are a resident of Egypt, you can choose an Egypt Real Estate  that is close to a bike path, or that has the alternative mobility service.

Meet the neighborhood community

Knowing how is the behavior between neighbors is a situation that you should not take lightly, especially if you decide to buy a house in a residential complex or in a private subdivision. Therefore, you should make sure that there are no disputes between neighbors, if they respect the use of common spaces, as well as know if they are responsible with their pets.

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