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How to Choose the Best Online Conference Platforms

As a virtual event organizer, you may not be acquainted with all the latest technologies. However, the emergence of online conference platforms has made it quite easy for you to conduct virtual events successfully.

With the availability of various platforms, it gets quite tricky to choose the right platform suited to your requirements. Thus, consider the below factors to make the best decision.

System Support

Hybrid events that combine both virtual and in-person experiences have gradually become the norm. Therefore, you need to have a platform that helps you manage both virtual and in-person events to understand your needs for all events clearly.

It is advisable to implement an event management system that lets you support all your events on a single centralized data platform, whether hybrid, in-person or virtual. Make sure the system can support all current and future events.

Event Management

Many event organizers have been conducting virtual events for years. But some of them lack the skills such as filming, broadcasting, scriptwriting, and moderating to do so. If you also fall in this category, leverage cutting-edge event management tools to host online events or multi-session virtual conferences.

As a virtual event organizer, you need a system that allows you to manage registrations, invitations, and payments seamlessly. It should also help you collect all attendees’ details., including their feedback about your event.

Thus, you should choose online conference platforms that help you do all this and much more. In addition, as you can easily integrate your virtual platform with other tools and technologies, you can instantly transfer data from one system to another.


The virtual event platform is where your speakers, attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors will sign in and participate in your online event. Thus, it is essentially your event venue. So, you need a user-friendly system with a clean interface that your attendees can access easily.

A majority of your attendees will experience your event through the platform you pick. Hence, it is important to make sure that it is user-friendly and easy to understand. If they have to waste time learning about your online conference platform, customers are less likely to bother attending your event.

To offer a smooth user journey, make their path from one point of your virtual meeting to another hassle-free. Many users also log into your virtual event platform via various devices. Thus, you should think beforehand about how your meeting would appear and run on different devices screens.


When it comes to choosing online conference platforms, you should check their customization options. Your website, virtual setup, registration forms, and emails should abide by similar branding rules. Enquire about the customization flexibility for various events.

Assess how a platform helps the audience customize their experience. For example, you should be capable of personalizing meetings and schedules. So go with the platform that allows you to make specific sessions visible to specific people as per your requirements.

The availability of many online conference platforms can be a boon for you if you are smart enough to make the right choice following the tips mentioned above. As you are spending your money, take as much time as you need to thoroughly verify a platform and its features before you buy it.

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