How to Choose the Perfect Skateboard Truck?

Spotting the correct skateboard truck can only be challenging if you do not know the tips and tricks of finding the right one. Once you know the few basic ideas, choosing skateboard trucks would be one of the easiest decisions to make.

But if you buy these trucks for the first time, you may be tense about getting the one with the most convenient features. Fret not. This blog shall guide you to choose the perfect skateboard truck and help distinguish between the types of skateboard trucks and features you need.

Read through this blog to target the crucial factors while finding the best suit of a skateboard truck for yourself.

 Parts of a Skateboard Truck

Typically, a skateboard truck comprises a base plate, hanger, kingpin, and a kingpin nut. The nut holds two pieces together, along with bushings and washers. The axle has wheels, and the washers on the axle are known as speed rings.

The speed rings protect the bearing from sticking to the axle nut or the hanger and maintain the cleanliness of the different parts. Here are the various parts that make up an ideal skateboard truck.

  • Kingpin: It is installed on the baseplate and holds the pieces together through the bushings and hanger.
  • Pivot cup:The part of the hanger extending into the cup on the baseplate and provides the turning axis.
  • Axle:Extends through the hanger on both ends to hold the bearings and the wheels.
  • Hanger:The T-shaped part holding the pivot and the axle.
  • Baseplate:Installs the deck and holds the pivot cup and kingpin.
  • Kingpin Nut:Compresses the bushings and holds the trucks in place.
  • Bushings:These are replaceable urethane cushions that install on the kingpin on two sides to stabilise the hanger.

Which Truck Size Should You Choose?

The foremost thing to choose when the trucks are in the line of making a choice is the measure of the skateboard you want. The truck’s width consists of the wheels and should be the same size as the deck width.

This way, you get optimised stability on the skateboard. However, if you find that the truck is too wide, you may hit the wheels with your shoes. And too narrow of a truck might disbalance the skateboard.

Skateboard Truck Height

The distance between the wheel and the deck should determine the ideal height of the skateboard truck you buy. The distance between the baseplate and the hanger is measured to find the height. However, the preference of height differs from person to person.

The rule of thumb followed while finding the correct height is the closer you are to the ground, the better you can maintain your balance. Although medium and high trucks are available, you are most likely to find high and low trucks in the market.

The height varies among different brands. The high truck for one brand might be equivalent to the low truck from another brand. Amidst all of it, you should choose one based on your choice of usage and your height.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know the various crucial parts and factors that make good skateboard trucks ensure to cater to all the requirements to do yourself the favour of finding the best suit. Do your research before making a decision. You might find a better skateboard truck than the one you already have been keeping your eyes on!

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