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How to Choose the Right Bathroom Flooring for Your Home

Remodeling your bathroom can add thousands of dollars of value to your home. One simple aspect of your bathroom that is easy to change is your bathroom flooring. Do you want to learn how to choose the right bathroom floor for your home?

Keep reading to learn more about the types of bathroom flooring and how to choose the best flooring for bathrooms.

What Kind of Stress Will Be On It

The first thing that you need to consider is what kind of stress will be on the floor for your bathroom. For example, is this a bathroom for your children where you can expect constant spills and heavy foot traffic? Or, is it flooring for a guest bathroom that isn’t used very often?

Depending on the stress on your floor, you will need to choose different flooring. This is also true for the purpose of your bathroom.

If you are adding flooring to a powder bathroom or a half bath, you will likely not have to get moisture-resistant flooring. If it is in a bathroom with no venting and high moisture, you will need a more durable option.

Durable flooring options for your bathroom include natural stone, ceramic tile, and more!

Personal Style and Aesthetics

Something that you need to consider when you are adding new flooring to your bathroom is whether or not it fits your aesthetics. Depending on the type of material you use, you can find custom patterns and colors that match your style.

For example, if you use vinyl or laminate flooring, you can choose from options that look like natural wood or stone. This can make your bathroom look luxurious while still staying within your budget.

Other types of tiles are great if you want to add a splash of color into your bathroom or if you want a mosaic-style floor. Depending on your personal aesthetic, you may want to choose a bathroom floor that matches your style.

Do You Need Moisture Resistant Flooring?

As was mentioned above, you may need to decide whether or not you need a moisture-resistant flooring option for your bathroom. For example, if you frequently have children who are using the bath or shower and may cause small floods or overflows, you don’t want your flooring to get damaged from the water

In these cases, you need flooring that will not warp or rot with exposure to water. If you are looking for a good option, you can try the new Pergo Extreme waterproof vinyl flooring! This type of flooring is an affordable option that looks high-end and will be durable even when exposed to water.

Choose Durability

Next, you want to make sure you find a durable flooring option when you are remodeling your bathroom. When you are remodeling your bathroom, you can find that flooring costs are higher than you anticipated. While you can find cheaper options, they will likely not last as long.

When you choose the flooring that is more durable, you can think of it as an investment. Although it may cost more to install upfront, you will not have to replace it as often!

Rather than choosing cheap flooring that may crack under stress or does not hold up well for your needs, make the investment to get something that will last.

Ease of Installation

During a home remodel, you may want to attempt some projects on your own. If you find a type of flooring that is easy to install, this can save you a lot of money in the long run!

Ease of installation is also important because it can save a lot of headaches. For example, if you are trying to install ceramic tile, you will have to use special equipment to cut the tiles to size, learn how to mortar and grout, and you may still require the help of a professional.

If you want flooring that is easy to install, you may want to consider vinyl flooring. There are a few different types. Sheet vinyl flooring is a great option in rooms where you may have floods, like bathrooms or laundry rooms.

This type of flooring comes in a large roll and is installed with glue or adhesive. It is super simple and you can easily cut the vinyl to the correct shape.

Another type of vinyl that is easy to install is plank vinyl! This flooring looks like hardwood and it fits together like puzzle pieces. On one side of the flooring is a groove and on the other is a tongue.

When you fit them together, you can clip them into place. It is super simple and easy to install.

Cost of Flooring

Finally, you should consider the cost of flooring before you decide on what you want to install in your bathroom. Many people are unable to begin their remodel process because they simply do not have the budget for it. However, by finding affordable flooring options, you can save thousands of dollars on your bathroom remodel.

Some great picks for affordable bathroom flooring are laminate, vinyl, and ceramic tiles.

Learn More About Bathroom Flooring Design and Home Improvement!

Choosing bathroom flooring for your remodel doesn’t have to be a difficult decision. By understanding what your priorities are and by looking into these aspects, you can find bathroom floors that work best for your needs.

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