How to clean a surface with a TSP cleaner before painting it

How to clean a surface with a TSP cleaner before painting it

How smooth a paint job will turn out depends on how well the surface underneath has been cleaned. If the surface has not been cleaned or sanded, the paint can end up looking grainy. The surface often does not require sanding. Rather a simple cleaning solution can also do the job just as right.

An effective TSP cleaner can help clean the toughest stains, grease, and buildup from any surface. This cleaner has been a common choice of many painters for decades since it removes all kinds of dirt and grease from all surfaces. The cleaner helps to clear out the top layer of the surface and gives it a matte finish so that the new layer of paint can stick better.

Moreover, if you cannot find a new paintbrush and your old one has hardened due to the paint on it, you can dip the hardened brush in the TSP solution, and the brush will be good as new.

How to handle the TSP cleaner

The first thing that comes to one’s mind when they think about how to use TSP cleaner is the safety precautions they need to take. As it is a strong cleaner with harmful chemicals, it can cause severe burns and irritation if not handled correctly. You must wear strong rubber gloves and a mask while using this cleaner. You must also wear safety goggles to protect your eyes in case of the cleaner splashes into your eyes. It would help if you did not touch the cleaner with bare hands, no matter the situation. If you accidentally spill some solution onto your skin, immediately rinse your skin thoroughly with cold water to prevent burns or irritation. 

In some cases, people have also had accidents where the TSP cleaner has to contact their eyes. You must immediately flush your eyes with clean cold water for 10 to 15 minutes and then seek medical assistance right away since this cleaner can cause permanent damage too. 

You must also protect the other surfaces where the cleaner does not have to be applied. Sometimes people can make a spill accidentally, or the cleaner can splash onto the other object in the room. If it comes into contact with any shiny object, such as tiles, wood, or metal, it can damage its surface. Therefore, before starting your cleaning process, cover everything else in the room with a plastic or talc sheet to protect everything else from any spills. 

Different ways to wash with the TSP cleaner

The first and the most common way to use this cleaner is by hand. You can put on a glove, and all you will need is a sponge. Dip the sponge into the cleaner mixture and start applying it onto the surface that has to be cleaned. The sponge does not have to be dripping with the solution; hence wring it well before applying it anywhere. Let the solution stay on the surface for a while to soften the dirt and grease, and then after a while, start scrubbing it away. Once everything has been scrubbed away, rinse the surface thoroughly with water to completely remove the cleaner. 

Another way of using TSP cleaner is a thorough power wash. This is commonly used outdoor where an outdoor wall or fence has to be cleaned. You have to connect the TSP solution with a power washer or a sprayer and then spray it onto the surface to scrape away the dirt. If your grass gets affected in the process, then you can use a sod cutter to help cut out that patch. This must also be followed by rinsing the surface with clean water to wash away the cleaner completely. 

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