Eco-Friendly Bathroom

How to Create an Eco-Friendly Bathroom

Every year, the issues surrounding climate change and global warming become more relevant and are given focus more. Although significant contributors to why our planet is slowly deteriorating are the large conglomerates that continue to use excessive resources to pursue their production, each individual is encouraged to do their part. This is where we come in. Our everyday choices can have an impact and help save the environment. And where should it start but our very own homes?

Although we use so little time in an entire day inside our bathrooms, we still tend to consume excessive energy and water that could have been minimised. If you are in the process of renovating your bathroom or just looking for ways to become more eco-friendly in the bathroom, you are in luck. Here are tips that you can follow that can help you create an environmentally-friendly bathroom and reduce your carbon footprint:

1. Invest in energy and water-saving fixtures.

To start your journey of going green in the bathroom, investing in bathroom fixtures that are ethically-produced and water or energy-efficient is highly encouraged, especially if you have the financial capability to do so.

With the developments with modern technology and more inventors follow the initiative of creating devices that can help save resources, several types of “eco-friendly” bathroom fixtures are developed. There are now low-flow toilets that use less water in getting rid of your waste as well as water-efficient showers and taps and energy-saving heaters. If you want to go the extra mile, there are water systems that recycle the water you use in the bathroom on its own.

Suppose you are looking for great deals on eco-friendly fixtures. In that case, Victoria Plumbing has a vast array of units and devices — from taps, toilets, showers, heating system, and more — that can help you maximise energy and water flow while reducing the consumption.

2. Opt for sustainable furniture materials.

When it comes to bathroom furniture such as vanities, worktops, cabinets, etc., one green way to revamp the space is by using upcycled materials like wood and marble. If you cannot get a hold of these kinds of refurbished pieces of furniture and are leaning on purchasing brand new, make sure to choose natural and ethically-sourced ones.

3. Use sustainable and ethical bath products.

After you are done renovating your eco-friendly bathroom, it is time to tackle the bath products you are using. Take the time and effort in researching shampoos, soaps, and other body products that do not harm the environment. Avoid purchasing those that come in plastic bottles. Purchase refillable dispensers that you can just refilling once you run out of products. This also applies to your bathroom cleaning essentials.

4.  Follow eco-friendly bathroom habits.

Aside from the products you use, exercise eco habits like closing your tap when not using and reducing water and energy consumption. Also, maximise your towel by using it multiple times before you throw it in the washer.

5. Proper maintenance on your bathroom is needed.

Lastly, regular maintenance of your bathroom like cleaning the area and making sure that every fixture is in good condition helps avoid the need for repairs or worse, replacements. Inspecting your faucets now and then also helps locate and prevent water leakage.

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