How to Create Cosmetic Packaging That Sells?

Cosmetic products are the quintessential example of a market that is dependent on a tough-to-satisfy customer. A customer who has to try the product, then buy it and hope it is good. And as mothers know, this is not an easy feat. Sales of cosmetic products are very small in the initial years of launch because they require a trial to finally purchase. So, if your product is not that attractive or the packaging looks plain, it will not sell many units.

Packaging thus is a very important element of any cosmetic product and marketing must. It sells the product by communicating all its unique qualities effectively to the customer.

How does packaging play a role in the marketing of cosmetic products? 

Packaging can be a very important component of marketing. A well-packaged commodity will increase the chance of success by a significant degree. While poorly designed packaging may lead to not being purchased by consumers at all. Packaging is an integral part of the marketing strategy for cosmetic products due to its ability to help create an identity for the item. Consumers are able to identify with a product based on its aesthetic and tactile appeal. So it’s important that this appeal translates into the packaging as well.

 Labeling and classification of the products

The proper labeling and classification of cosmetic products is essential for them to make it into stores across countries and continents without breaking any laws or regulations. Packaging must comply with legal labeling requirements such as branding information. Hence, on each individual item, specific claims can be made about its use, and warnings against food allergens or other harmful substances.

Is the custom packaging secure for the products?

Packaging is also important in its ability to protect the product from breaking and spilling in transport, being tampered with by shopkeepers, and exposure to extreme temperatures. No matter how good a product is, it is not going to catch on if the packaging is faulty or breaks easily.

Packaging can also be used as an advantage in marketing products. Packaging has a lot of free space that companies can use creatively to promote a specific brand. For example, the name of a product can be printed and enlarged on the front so that it catches your eye from across the shop or even online. This works especially well for online shopping, where you are limited in what you see without clicking on each item individually.

Most authentic steps in creating the cosmetic packaging

You can incorporate as many things in your cosmetic boxes, like making use of bright colors with contrasting borders. Hence, adding an extra ingredient from your range in small quantities might be helpful for women who want to add something special to their routine.

If you are still new to the market, choose packaging that conveys your product’s value, quality, and uniqueness. By the way, the packaging is not only for cosmetics products but other products or bandages as well.

Below I have given some rules on how to create your cosmetic packages with the following steps.

 1: Decide on the Format or Shape of Packages

Mostly as per customer requirements, you can decide on either a square or round shape of packages. It is also decided by overhead costs due to transportation which will be incurred for different shapes.

 2: List down all the ingredients

This is one of the most important parts of any cosmetic product. It does not matter what the ingredients are, how much volume it has, or if you can think of a reasonable price at some point in time. What matters is all the reasons and benefits, so that it can convince the customer to try it out.

 Ingredients: make the cosmetic packaging durable

Cosmetic packaging not only includes the container, but also the tube and closure, in order to provide all functions required of these components. In addition to materials selection and processing technology, it is necessary to control many factors comprehensively in order to keep cosmetic packaging durable.

Different product packaging has different requirements for their packaging materials. The types of boxes include the container itself, the plastic bottle, the plastic jar, and the glass jar. Among them, glass is the most commonly used material for cosmetic packaging, because glass is strong and durable. Different types of glass bottles are

  •         Straight-necked bottles 
  •         Bottomed bottles
  •         Semi-round
  •         Curved
  •         Square-shaped


Aluminum foil

 Your product’s safety features must be clearly visible and easy to notice. For this reason, aluminum foil may be a good idea when packaging any kind of product with a liquid or semi-liquid component. Make sure that it will not leak through the parchment paper if folded properly.


 If you are manufacturing a product that is not suitable to present in a plastic container. This would be the best packaging for your product. If you want you’re packaging to be sturdy. Ensure that the cardboard has been cut appropriately and that the color of the coating is bright and appealing. 

Carding paper

 Carding paper will be used as a generic term for any kind of paper such as tissue, tissue board, or blotting paper. Examples of products sold using this type of packaging include linen and other textiles as well as soaps and hand creams. Cardboards often fold to present your product in a compact and portable package. But you need to remember that it is not as sturdy as other types of packaging material.


 If you are selling a product that has a liquid component, use foil for its primary packaging. Foils widely used in the packaging industry because of its general safety standards. Which are high, and also because of its relatively lightweight compared to other materials used for packing products.


 This healthy substance is used in cosmetics and has found many uses in the cosmetic industry. The inclusion of gelatin in cosmetics presents in many different forms, such as eye care products.

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