Christmas Party on a Budget

How to Decorate Your House for a Memorable Christmas Party on a Budget?

The Christmas season comes with a ton of shopping for all sorts of things, be it presents for your loved ones, decorations, baking supplies for some deliciously hearty dinners, and personalized family Christmas ornaments for everyone. With so much to get done, it is way too easy to end up going over budget and then struggling to make the next month’s rent.

But, it doesn’t have to be like that!

It may be too early to start thinking about Christmas decorations, but if you start collecting and planning now, you’ll easily manage to plan and execute your Christmas party this year well within the allocated budget! Still sounds impossible? Don’t worry; we’ll help you through it!

Here are some great ways to decorate your home and prepare the party favors this holiday for a massively successful party!

1.      Garden Flags

Garden Flags

The very first thing your guests will see as they step into your home is the front yard, so your decoration should start here too. All too often, people get their interior all prettied up without paying much attention to the outside of the home. But, what Christmas party can ever be complete without gorgeous lights strung up on the outer walls and personalized garden flags dotting the yard?

Tippy Toad offers fun winter and Christmas-themed garden flags to brighten up your home’s exterior instantly. These adorable little flags will give your guests the perfect welcome home to your party and get them in a cheery mood as they step indoors.

P.S. These flags also work great to add some cheer to the neighborhood and wish your postman and the kids playing outside a very Merry Christmas from your family.

2.      Baby, It’s Cold Outside Doormate

Cold Outside Doormate

Now that the guests have stepped up to your doorstep, the next piece of decoration you’ll need is a doormat to welcome them inside. Tippy Toad has a collection of high-quality doormats in different themes and color schemes to match your interior party decor perfectly!

Our best seller is the Baby It’s Cold Outside Doormat (get it here), which never fails to make people chuckle and grin as they enter your warm, cozy home. This will get them in the perfect mood for a great time with friends and family, reconnecting and socializing with a cup of eggnog for a cheerfully boozy evening.

3. Christmas Cups

Christmas Cups

Speaking of boozy, no Christmas dinner is complete without eggnog (and numerous other drinks, of course!) What better way to serve your Christmas-special drinks than in Christmas-themed cups that somehow make them taste so much better? We all know how all of our senses come together to help us really take in our food and drink and enjoy it to the max.

When you use these Christmas party cups from Tippy Toad, you offer your guests delicious drinks that taste and look great, too, enhancing the flavor all the more in the process! Get your favorite Christmas quotes printed on them easily and the best part is that our Christmas cups come in a variety of sizes and materials for you to choose from. You can go for the frosted cups or the plastic stadium ones, based on what you plan to serve in them. They’re available in 12 oz., 16 oz., 22 oz., and even jumbo 32 oz. sizes for your fruit punch, eggnog, and dessert cup!

4. Personalized Family Christmas Ornaments

Personalized Family Christmas Ornaments

Next comes the tree decorations. While shimmery Christmas balls and lights can make any tree look absolutely stunning, the best way to decorate a tree for your family party is by putting up personalized family Christmas ornaments. You can even make it an activity for your family to take part in together!

Family Christmas ornaments at Tippy Toad come in a massive variety of different themes and styles to match your decor. You can easily find one that represents the different personalities of your family members and friends. These work as treasured memorabilia as well, since you can collect ornaments from your baby’s first Christmas, couples’ ornaments, and even special ones for newlyweds and for some lovely nativity sets.

No matter your Christmas decor preferences, Tippy Toad will create and personalize it all for you perfectly! Check out our collection of beautifully crafted Christmas ornaments here.

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