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How To Do Skateboard Tricks – Bet Beginner and Professional Tricks


Once you buy your skateboard finally, it’s time you start practicing. I have seen some of my friends suddenly got interested in skateboarding and bought a broad, then try for a week, fail, and just forget it. That’s not the way you should start if you truly determine. Skateboarding is not very easy but if you manage to learn the basic tricks, you may make it on your way. Before you start skateboard tricks you should choose a good skateboard like this. That’s why I am here today to discuss how to do skateboard tricks.

But first, let me warn you again that, spend your money on a skateboard only when you are fully determined. Then look for the following tricks. You may not be successful for a moment, but you will definitely make it once you have learned the basic tricks. Let’s get started with the easier tricks, mostly recommended for beginners.

Skateboard Tricks for Beginner and Professional

If you ask an expert or search online, you’ll get thousands of skateboard tricks. But you cannot handle them for sure when you are a beginner. You may ride it simply like a beginner. But to make it like a stunt, you need to learn many tricks. You can follow the mentioned tricks below. They are just super easy and hopefully, it won’t take too much time to learn handling them.

• Manual
After learning just Simple riding the board, the very first trick you should learn is manual. It is about riding it on only one row of wheels like a bike stunt. To try this trick, you have to pop the first row of wheels. It will help you to roll-up the back wheels. You shouldn’t try going for long with this style but try it occasionally. Just try it on the skate park now and then. You will be master on it very soon.

• Drop-ins
This trick always seems to be very scary and challenging. But you won’t know how easier it will be until you try it. To try drop-in, you have to control and balance the tail of your skateboard. It must be on the ledge of the bowl or ramp. And then you can just drop in while letting the board be rolling from the momentum. It is the easiest technique to boost your confidence while riding a skateboard.

• Ride switch
It is another essential technique you should learn before you try the pro level one. However, it is all about skating on your opposite foot over the board while riding it. Suppose, you normally ride with your right foot on first. But here, you have to keep the balance with your left foot. You have to continue the practice until you can pump the board on your left foot.

• Kick Turn
Most probably, it is the popular turn young people eager to learn about. However, it’s not very different to handle either. Just place your one foot at the tail. Then lean more weight toward that end of the tail. You have to keep your other foot on the front side of the board. When you are about to put more weight into your back foot, make sure that the nose of the skateboard is rising up. When the nose of the board is two or three inches off the ground, pivot either forward or back. That’s how you can try it.

• Basic Ollie
If you wish to try a bit challenging movement after learning the basics, I prefer trying Basic Ollie. It is about when you jump and your board stays with your feet. You have to start with a jump when crouching at your knees and popping the tail of the board. It will make sure that the board stays with your body when you will jump. And then you have to slide your front foot up to level your skateboard.


You have learned about the basic tricks you can follow while riding your skateboard. Once again, I am warning you that you should be determined and know the basic riding skills before trying these techniques to about accidents. Hopefully, you have now got your answer about how to do skateboard tricks. You can ask further questions in the comment section if you have any. Always stay with us to learning new sport’s techniques and solutions. Thank you for staying with us.

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