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How to Find Experienced Orthopedic Surgeons in Your Area

As the huge baby boomer generation enters its golden years, the rise in knee and hip replacement surgeries has been nothing short of surprising. Well over a million of these procedures are performed by orthopedic surgeons each year in America, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Those numbers are only expected to rise as the most active group of seniors in the nation’s history refuses to go quietly into old age.

Suppose you consider knee or hip replacement surgery services. In that case, the first and most important step you must take is to find an accomplished orthopedist in your area. Because these procedures are prevalent right now, you will want to begin your search as soon as possible. The following tips should help you locate qualified orthopedic surgeons in record time.

Request Referrals

Since he or she likely knows your body better than you do, your physician should be the first person you consult if you are thinking about surgery. Not only do you need his or her referral to see orthopedic surgeons, but your doctor can also recommend specialists that have an agreement with your healthcare provider to treat patients at special, reduced rates. You can also ask for suggestions from friends and co-workers who have had the surgery and you may be surprised by the large number! — Despite digital tools are for the customer there, and every day these are being improved to ease the search process, most of them are not aware of their chances. Finding the best local orthopedic surgeon is a walk in the park when you know where to look for. Ask for a referral, use keywords and phrases, and put them into the search box of Google. Navigate its results, check their webpages and finally get in touch with them. This process might take weeks, but it’s a time worth investing in.

Check Credentials

In addition to examining their educational background (medical degrees, training, certifications, etc.), you should determine how many procedures each specialist on your list personally perform each year. Keep in mind that many orthopedic surgeons work in practices with other doctors, which means that they may not handle your knee or hip replacement themselves.

Consider Specialty

Although all orthopedists are trained to perform knee and hip replacements, they may not have completed many of them if they do not specialize in either procedure. Because the knowledge, training, and technology is always evolving about specific procedures, you want a doctor who spends most of his or her time studying and practicing the operation you require. While there is no average number, it is safe to say that an experienced practitioner should have completed dozens of replacements. It is also important to find a doctor who continually expands their knowledge of the operation through advanced training.

Meet with The MD

Most orthopedic surgeons offer free consultations, which you should take full advantage of to help you find the right fit. Although the doctor will likely do most of the talking, you will need to procure information about your knee or hip history, including prior injuries, operations, etc. You may also come equipped with a list of questions you wish to ask. Because joint replacement can be quite costly and insurance may not cover all of the bills, you will want to compare prices. It is also advisable to ask about recovery times and pain levels since they may vary slightly depending on the techniques and tools the doctor will use.

With a little bit of effort on your part, you can find the perfect orthopedist to perform your procedure. All you need is patience and some good advice!

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