World Sleep Day: How to Get More Deep Sleep?

World Sleep Day is the annual event on March 21st, intended to advocate high-quality sleep, a healthier lifestyle, and attention to chronic disease caused by insufficient sleep. The whole world is sleeping well, how about you?

Q1: What is deep sleep?

After years of research, the Stanford Sleep and Circadian Neurobiology Lab discovered that the act of falling into the longest Non-REM sleep usually starts at 8-10 minutes when we are asleep, and this sleep cycle usually lasts 90-120 minutes. As long as we sleep peacefully during this cycle, the sleep effect can be maximized even though we sleep for a short time.

Q2: How to Get Deep Sleep?

The key to deep sleep is to control two factors: Body temperature and brain. The smaller the difference between body temperature and skin temperature is, the easier it is to go to sleep, and vice versa. If you are facing difficulty in sleeping due to stress or anxiety, Kava products are one of the best remedies to take.

Q3: What can ELLESILK Sleep Lab do?

How to reduce the difference between body temperature and skin temperature while you are sleeping? Breathable bedding is essential. ELLESILK Sleep Lab focuses on researching Mulberry silk textiles to create the highest standards collection of silk bedding with both functionality and aesthetics.

#ELLESILK SLEEP LAB# is dedicated to exploring the mysteries of sleep and concentrates on the research and development of the best silk products for good sleep. ELLESILK Sleep Lab is inviting you to experience the ultimate deep sleep, close your eyes and sleep with sweet dreams.

1 Silk-filled duvet, leaving you feeling like you really are asleep on a cloud!

Silk bedding has dressed the beds of the celebrities that live in Beverly Hills and the Dubai royals. Here, we invite you to find inspiration in our collections for the unparalleled luxury sleep experience.

– Pure natural long-fiber breathable silk filling

– Traditional craftsmanship of handmade

– Exceptional fluffiness and softness

– Incomparable featherweight

A natural heat conductor, this silk duvet helps to adjust the temperature difference while you sleep, helping to get into sweet deep sleep.

2 Silk pillowcases, sleeping in nature!

The American magazine “Good Housekeeping” has selected this pure silk pillowcase as this year’s best pillowcase that is worth the splurge.

Exquisitely crafted from pure natural mulberry silk. You’ll fall in love with the simple enhancements they add to your daily routine and enjoy nature’s finest treatments the moment you touch a silk pillowcase. In addition to sleep benefits, a silk pillowcase is also your secret to luxurious beauty. The smooth silk reduces the excessive friction to the skin and hair and helps in amazing beauty sleep.

3 Silk eye mask, blocking out lights for an undisturbed night of sleep!

Sleep in a dark environment will help boost your melatonin levels naturally to elevate your sleep quality.

– Effectively guard your sleep against all ambient light

– Filled with soft, naturally breathable silk material

– Pure silk feels gentle against your eyes and skin

– Lightweight design made to fit you perfectly for a good night’s sleep.

4 Crib & Kids Silk Bedding: Sweet dreams for babies!

It’s best to choose natural fabric against the baby’s skin.

– Pure and high-quality natural silkworm cocoons

– From the oxygen forest far from the city

– Delicate baby’s bedding woven from soft and cozy silk

Expertly covered and filled with the finest quality 100% long fiber pure Mulberry silk,  crib & kids silk bedding is naturally breathable and soft against the baby’s skin, providing your kid with sweet dreams every night.

Experience now for the ultimate luxury of deep sleeping!

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