How to Find the IP Address in a Mac?

Your IP address is one of the most important parts of modern life.  It’s what helps you connect to the internet and tells websites which you are every time you visit.  If you’re curious about your IP address and aren’t sure how to find it, these are the top things to know!

The Simple Way

The most simple way to find your IP address on your Mac is to simply go to google and search “what is my IP address?”.  Google will automatically display your external-facing IP address based on the device you’re currently using.  

It’s vital that you don’t click any links you don’t recognize while you’re doing this because they can quickly use this information against you or may try to scam you to get more information out of you.  

Through System Preferences

This method is also easy but requires a little more work.  For this, go to the apple icon that’s commonly on the upper left side of your Mac’s screen.  Scroll down until it says System Preferences, and tap it.  From here, click the gray circle icon that says Network.  This should be on the third row, but it depends on your screen size and layout.  From here, select your connection, and your IP address will be near the top of the screen.

Through Your Wi-Fi

You can also find your IP address by simply going through your Wi-Fi tray and clicking the option you’re currently connected to.  This will also list your IP address near the top of the screen so you can easily see your information.

Why Does Your IP Address Matter?

If you’re nervous about someone else doing an IP address lookup or you’re worried someone already has yours, it’s good to be cautious.  Your IP address is the information every divide uses to connect to the internet.  Your phone, computer, and even smart watch all have unique IP addresses that tell the world who they are and who’s using them. 

This address can be used to solve crimes if the criminals leave a paper trail, but it can also be used to frame innocent netizens.  It’s vital to be careful.

How to Protect Your IP Address

Protecting your IP address is one of the most important things you can do when you’re online.  This holds information about where you live and who you use for the internet, which gives people a lot more information than you think.  Because of this, it’s imperative that you protect it and avoid others getting hold of your data.

To protect it, consider using a VPN!  This service disguises where and who you are, and ensures that nobody can figure it out from the information given out.

You should also avoid clicking any unknown links or visiting sites that you don’t know.  Nobody wants to be scammed, so you have to protect yourself.

You Deserve to Surf the Internet Safely!

Your internet security is vital because it’s also connected to your financial state, your job, your personal relationships, and your physical safety.  Get to know your IP address, and make sure you protect it while you’re online. 

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