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How to Find the Top Software Teams in Latin America

Over the past several years, Latin America has grown significantly and has become a renowned tech hub. Plenty of Latin American countries have become considerably known to be developing at outstanding rates, which is especially beneficial for companies in the United States and other countries when outsourcing software teams.

There are various reasons to outsource software developers from across the world. But the newfound prominence of Latin American-sourced IT teams, in particular, has opened a new window of opportunity for North American companies to find rising talent in the industry.

However, there is a huge pool of tech teams throughout the up-and-coming entrepreneurial region to choose from. The question is, how do you find the top software outsourcing in Latin America?

Why Latin America?

Hundreds of organizations, especially in the United States, have looked toward Latin America to outsource their tech software development. And while Latin America’s tech talent has grown exponentially in recent years, many companies have found that investing in a skillset from a different region is well worth the effort. With that said, various advantages contribute to the appeal.

  1. Time Zone Alignment- A simple reason that companies opt to find software teams in Latin America is because of its proximity to the United States and North America as a whole. Because of the 8–10-hour time difference between the US and other countries, including Eastern Europe, challenging communication between partners presents an issue. Latin America, however, makes the perfect solution for time zone congruence with West Coast-based companies on the hunt for software development teams outside of the United States.
  2. Higher Quality Work – While more and more companies outsource to Latin America, more and more Latin American software companies have been investing in growing and preparing their teams with the abilities and knowledge needed to complete high-quality work. The software ecosystem in the region is, as of lately, considerably prosperous for several reasons:
  • Since the Trump administration caused some difficulty to immigrate to the United States in recent years, Mexico has taken to promoting its own tech industry, attracting other Latin American software teams to thrive there.
  • Argentina, one of the top countries in the software industry, developed its own program to give jobs to over 100,000 software developers in the upcoming future.
  • The Latin American startup community has significantly contributed to the growth of the software development ecosystem.
  • With proven experience and impressive resumes that are home to some of the most renowned US-based corporations, including Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Amazon, etc., it’s clear that Latin America is home to some of the highest quality software development teams in the industry today.
  • Cost Reduction – The cost of software development is the deciding factor for most CEOs when it comes to hiring talent. Paying more for developers doesn’t always lead to getting better work, which is why Latin America makes so much sense.Not only is the quality of performance higher than its competitors, but nearly all software teams in Latin America only charge around 60 percent of the United States’ average rate. Plenty of organizations opt for the affordable cost that doesn’t sacrifice value.

What Qualities to Look for in A Software Team

The primary characteristics of a top-notch team should be taken into consideration to ensure that the software development is satisfactory, regardless of how companies are seeking out software teams. After all, the quality of work is typically established by the team’s work ethic as a whole. Traits that businesses should consider include:

  • Effective communication between partners and within the team itself
  • A great team culture that builds successful relationships both inside and out of the office
  • Clear and achievable goals to work toward together
  • Well-defined roles and responsibilities
  • Independence from top companies and one another to remain focused on tasks at hand

How to Find the Best Software Developers in Latin America

Latin America’s software team supply is fairly large, making the hunt a bit easier with more options to choose from. Nonetheless, there are several avenues to find competent software teams in Latin America.

  1. Location, Location, Location – Although there are plenty of possibilities throughout the region, the location has a big impact on the quality of IT talent. Countries like Argentina, Puerto Rico, Columbia, Peru, and Brazil are home to some of the top software teams in Latin America due to their investments in further developing their software ecosystems.Each of the aforementioned areas has its advantages. However, they all present some of the most stable growth in the region’s tech industry. Companies opting for Latin American software teams can expect to find developers from the top tech countries with proficiencies in English, knowledge of operations, and good understandings of programming languages. With numerous ranking sites, it’s easy to view country ranking charts to determine which is more likely to provide quality work.
  2. Look to Outsourcing Agencies – There are hundreds of outsourcing agencies in the industry that are well-versed in supplying larger corporations with quality software development teams. They specialize in hiring out software specialists and delivering the work to their partners within the allotted time. With the multitude of outsourcing agencies available, companies can find the perfect fit in terms of affordability and IT needs.
  3. Check Out Freelance Marketplaces – Although they might not always have the best reputations, freelance marketplaces can provide companies with some of the most skilled people in the software industry. While Latin America has taken advantage of online resources to promote tech services in recent times, companies can successfully look to freelance platforms to find fully competent developers who are willing to work on both short and long-term gigs.

Finding top software teams in Latin America isn’t as daunting as it can seem. Various avenues offer connections with software teams throughout the Latin American region, giving companies plenty of possibilities to find and hire talented individuals, top-notch developers, and fully-equipped teams.

With the region’s up-and-coming tech industry and a variety of capable developers willing to take on new opportunities for a lower cost, the choice is clear. On top of that, the more companies that reach out to Latin American software teams, the more able the region is to develop and establish successful educational systems.

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