How to get financial moving assistance?

Financial assistance for moving can be hard to come by. Financial assistance for moving is available, but you might not know about it. Financial help with relocation expenses may sound like a pipe dream, but in fact, there are many grants and charitable organizations that will provide this type of support. Financial help with relocation expenses could take the form of a monetary donation or grant; of providing donated goods such as furniture and appliances; or even volunteer time from friends and family members who would work on your behalf to get your new home set up just how you want it. Financial assistance for moving is more than possible – people do it every day! It’s all about asking around and knowing where to look!

What are the types of Financial Assistance available for Moving?

Financial help with moving includes many types of assistance. Financial help with relocation expenses can take the form of a monetary donation from either a grant or charitable organization or from the generosity of family and friends who may volunteer time to help you move. Financial assistance for moving might also come in donated goods such as household furniture and appliances. Financial help with moving might also include a monetary donation in the form of paying for your last month’s rent. Financial assistance may be available from charitable organizations and grant programs that will provide you with the funds you need to cover moving-related expenses. Financial help with relocation is not just a dream – it’s real, and it’s out there!

Tips for finding Financial Assistance for Moving

Financial assistance can be found in several different ways:

  1. Do not overlook your resources – look to see what you do have available first. Financial help with moving may take the form of selling non-essential household goods on eBay or Craigslist. Financial assistance could include asking friends and family members if any of them have any unwanted furniture or appliances they’d be willing to donate. Financial help with moving could also take the form of a monetary gift from family and friends; maybe they would even volunteer some time on your behalf to help you move.
  2. Go through your mail – search out any correspondence that might have a grant request or printed information about resale programs or charities that will provide products to people in need. Financial help with moving doesn’t always fall directly into your lap – sometimes you have to put in some work to find it! Use the Internet and visit online forums on relocation for information about Financial grants or charitable organizations that may help you with your move.
  3. Consider a “move swap” – if you can’t afford all of the moving costs, consider arranging to trade relocation expenses with another person in a similar situation. Financial help for moving may take the form of bartering! Financial assistance is available – it’s up to you to find it!

List of Institutions and Charities that can Help with Moving

There are different grants and charities that help with moving expenses and take away your stress. A few are listed below:

Catholic Charities USA

Catholic Charities USA provides financial help with moving. Financial assistance from Catholic Charities USA takes the form of grants to pay for relocation costs and other financial aid, including emergency food, shelter, counseling, and legal services. Financial assistance from Catholic Charity USA will not be used to fund litigation. Financial help with relocating may also be donated via subsidized loans. Financial assistance is available in all 50 states.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army provides Financial Help with Moving as part of its Residential Rehabilitation Program. The Financial Assistance for Moving from the Salvation Army will be provided to a person moving into a new living situation where they can have access to needed support services. Financial help from the Salvation Army also takes the form of grants and financial aid for paying bills. Financial assistance from the Salvation Army is provided in all 50 states.


The YWCA provides financial Help with Moving. Financial help from the YWCA takes the form of moving assistance grants for women relocating to obtain employment, vocational training, and job placement assistance. Financial assistance from the YWCA also comes in loan repayment assistance and emergency financial aid for paying bills.


Financial assistance for moving is available from Goodwill Industries International. Financial Grants for Moving are available to help people relocate into homes they can afford while also providing access to social services and educational opportunities. Financial Assistance from Goodwill takes the form of grants to pay rent and other bills. Financial Help with Moving from Goodwill Industries International is made available in all 50 states.

Housing Industry Foundation

Financial Help with Moving is available from the Housing Industry Financial Foundation. Financial Assistance from the Financial Help with Moving provided by HIF will take the form of grants to pay for moving costs, down payment assistance, and homeownership education programs.


Financial Help with Moving is available to those in need. Financial help for moving can take the form of grants, assistance with other costs related to relocation, and funding that will contribute to employee retention and family stability. Financial Assistance from these organizations comes from various sources – do some research and see what you can find!

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