How to Get Flat Belly with Yoga and the Best Asians

How to Get Flat Belly with Yoga and the Best Asians

If you ask anyone what makes them insecure about their appearance they will straight away mention belly fat. Overall, being chubby and plus-size is no longer considered bad for body image; it is considered that chubby people are now being introduced in the fashion world as well. On the contrary, if we see people who are chubby but they have been working in the fashion industry as a model, they will never have a flabby stomach or belly fat. In fact, with their plus size, they will still have a tight belly that is muscular and doesn’t hang loose. With so many different exercises available nowadays, most people opt for something that doesn’t require too much work and time. Apart from this, various companies are cashing on this and they are introducing quick fixes as well. These quick fixes include appetite suppressors, fat burners, and multiple powders shake that will boost the metabolism. However, all these things are steroids based and they are made of different synthetic products that have major side effects on health. These quick fixes are not only dangerous in the long run but are also connected to digestive issues and colon cancer. This is the reason people are now looking for healthy ways to resolve the issue of body weight and body fats. Most of the ways for weight loss have some side effects. Starvation will help you burn calories but they will make your skin look unhealthy and you will also have brittle bones and weak nails. Apart from this, you will soon see saggy skin which will keep hanging from the sides.

With the help of this article, we will discuss why yoga is the best remedy for weight loss. People who want to have a well-toned body usually use you can attend a wellness retreat with your yoga buddy to make it more fun.
To help beginners know about some of the best yoga poses consider buying a cork yoga mat from Yoga and also it is important to know how to clean that cork yoga mat as well, we have also listed down simple and easy yoga poses for weight loss and cutting down belly fat.

The Connection of Yoga and Calorie Burning

When it comes to weight loss we all know that it has a simple calorie and workout balance. You need to start with fewer calories and then work out so that you can use the calories that you just consumed along with some calories that your body has already stored in the form of fats. The more muscles you engage the more calories you burn which is the reason people look for simple exercises that can help them engage their whole body. The best exercise that is good for shedding weight needs to be high intensity so that you can burn more calories in less time. This is exactly what yoga offers and it also helps with body stretches that are good for helping the body become more elastic. According to a recent study done by Harvard Health publishing, you can burn up to 565 calories per hour if you do yoga? This means that with simple yoga every day for one hour you will be able to burn more than 2000 calories each week. With better stretching, your body will shape up, which also means that you will not have saggy skin. Yoga is also good for stomach-related issues. People who have digestion-related problems, especially a bloated stomach or constipation must try yoga because it will help with abdomen health.

Best Yoga Poses for Flat Belly and Weight Loss

Where most of the yoga poses help you involve all the muscles, you still have a few that will help you tone your abs and work on your core. The best thing about yoga is the fact that you will enjoy every move and you will be able to track the progress as well. Some of the best yoga poses for a flat belly include:


Bhujangasana is a very basic pose that almost everyone who has ever tried yoga knows. This yoga pose is commonly known as a cobra pose so you must know that your lower body needs to be joined like the body of a cobra. With the help of this pose, you will work on your core, spine, shoulder, and arms. Start by lying down on the stomach and then just spread your arms on the floor while your legs need to stay joined. Now keep your legs back and straight and then with the help of your arm lift your body weight. While lifting, you have to work on your shoulder muscles as well. You also need to make sure that your toes are straight and they are touching the floor. Hold this pose for at least 10 seconds you can also prolong it for 25 seconds.


This pose is a little difficult and requires you to balance your body weight without getting tired. Dhanurasana pose is also known as boat pose and you can specifically emphasize the core muscles. For this, you need to lie down with your stomach on the floor. Keep your head down and then try to bend your knee. You are now going to lift your feet and grip them with your hands in a way that helps you stretch your body. Now you can inhale and then lift the hands and feet at once. You will be now in a pose that is similar to a boat. Hold this pose for at least 30 seconds and then get back to the original pose.


The name is a little difficult but you might know this pose by plank pose. It engages the core muscles and helps you make your muscle tighter. This pose is pretty easy, all you need to do is get into a push-up position and hold this pose. You need to lift the upper body weight on the forelimbs while you keep your core tighter. This is an incredible workout for the abs.


This pose requires you to be a little pro at yoga. Commonly Ustrasana pose is also known as the camel pose because you need to make a hump like a camel. For this pose just kneel on the floor and then keep your thighs straight while your hips are a little side. Now you need to rest your hands on the side and work it like you are doing a hip thrust. Slowly you have to lean back till you reach down and touch your feet. Now hold this pose for at least 45 seconds and make sure you are breathing fine.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, yoga is known as the union of the body and mind. With the help of yoga, you don’t have to starve your body. You are working on improving your overall body fitness. Apart from this, you will see that your body is gaining back the flexibility which is very important in real life. You will soon see improvement in pain and other body function because yoga makes the movement painless. With all these benefits yoga is known to provide a long-term impact on body weight. Even when you lose bodyweight, you will see that your body is in shape and your skin is still happy and healthy. These yoga poses involve your whole body which will help you enjoy so many other benefits, especially it will help you burn some calories and increase the beauty of your skin and body. These yoga poses also help with increasing bone density.

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