The Highest Percentage No GI BJJ Submissions

The Highest Percentage No GI BJJ Submissions

When it comes to defining BJJ, it cannot be defined without the use of word submission. Even the professional athletes explain that BJJ is a combat game that uses grappling for acquiring a submission. Where most people think of the best submission move, they usually picture their favorite stars using different BJJ movies. However, if they have to use the same, they might not succeed because the move that they want to use for their game might be completely different. In short, your favorite BJJ submission move has nothing to do with the one that suits your technical skills. With time we have seen that BJJ has improved both technically and skill-wise. It is now using and incorporating different maneuvers from other combat games and using them for acquiring submission within BJJ. Another very important thing is that within BJJ there are submission moves that are reliable for some people whereas they do not favor the body type of others. With BJJ everything is going through a transition which is the reason it is safe to say that there is no certain rule. Everyone has an individual difference which is the reason most maneuvers work for some people but they do not work for others. Apart from this, there is a degree of success that is linked with submission. Each submission type, especially if it includes chokes and holds, requires a lot of intricate details. All these details make one submission type more successful than others. Most people still wonder which submission type is better when we translate it into numbers. Certain BJJ moves and submission types are much better whereas others are not as successful as others.

With the help of this article, we will help you know in detail about the BJJ submission moves that have the highest percentage of success. Since we have mentioned that BJJ is the only game that favors the weak as compared to the stronger opponent, we will also talk about the best movies that everyone can use for winning games. These moves can be mastered and used for day-to-day self-defense as well as for winning the game on the mat.

How to Select a Submission Move with High Success Percentage? 

When it comes to a high percentage rate of success, most people do not know how you can determine the rate of success. Most people use a simple method of asking people which move works best for them. They do not understand that certain submission moves that work for some people might not work for others. If we look at this method, it has no scientific or statistical background. There is competition data that needs to be analyzed to understand the highest percentage of success. Apart from this, you also need to know about strategy building and how some people like to use certain moves, whereas others are not good at using the same moves.

If we look at the data, we can see that the real BJJ submission that is used for the entire period of BJJ can be taken into account first. This means that some of the famous moves that are effective have been in BJJ throughout whereas others are relatively new. Apart from these, a few moves that were part of BJJ are no longer part of BJJ now. This means if we look at the success rate, it will be pretty different now that the rule has changed and there is a transition in the maneuvers. Simple heel hooks that are considered good submission moves and pretty successful as well were very famous previously. However, as the times have changed, people now see these moves are dangerous and less successful. This also means that if we calculate the precision of each move we can see that it doesn’t leave anything on the strategy making. This means you are just going to hand over the same recipe of success to everyone. With the use of heel hooks and other submissions that are no longer being used in the mainstream, you might win but this will be risky.

If we look at some of the best chokes that have been used for submission and have given the best results we will simply rank triangle choke, armbar, and rear neck choke as the best. This is because most people think about these chokes when they get stuck in a game and if they feel like they are in a vulnerable position. However, if you look at it technically, you might not be able to rate these technically well. Most people who look at the best players are thinking that the moves that they are using have been rated as the best which means that these moves will work for them as well. In real life, professionals have a much better chance of perfecting the routine so they can execute the maneuver much better. However, if the same submission choke is used by some immature person, they might not have a high success percentage.

Statistically, if we look at the high percentage, we will see the best moves like the one that is used by people the most and not the ones that have a high chance of success. Most of the professionals are either blue belts or white belts which means they have a very different approach to the overall use of maneuvers.

Let the Numbers Talk

Now that we have seen what might be some of the basic hurdles in the way of analyzing the best and most successful submission moves, we can now see how we can talk about the numbers. If we have to see some of the best BJJ submissions from the statistical point of view we can see that most people talk about rear-naked choke, which is indeed one of the best and most reliable. However, we cannot forget the use of an arm bar which is another very successful trick used by professionals. A study conducted recently explains that over 500 matches that were observed showed much-divided signs of success. According to the researchers, when they analyzed the work according to the belt level, they observed that both BJJ Gi and No-Gi had the best sign of winning when the armbar was used as the winning maneuver.

Out of 500 matches, 123 finished with the armbar and they were considered a win. The best thing about this research is that both Gi and no Gi were used and the belt level was not very advanced as well which means anyone can increase their winning chance by using these moves.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, it is safe to say that there is no final formula that will help you win the game. It all comes down to the strategy that you choose for winning. Certain submission moves can help you dominate the other individual at a certain time but it will not guarantee you the win. For winning you need to read the opponent and then build a strategy that will help you win the game. Most people talk about a simple strategy for winning but it all comes down to the opponent and the situation. You need to improvise for every fight otherwise, it will make you predictable and you might end up losing the game. Most people believe in winning strategy but if you keep using the same strategy in all games, it becomes a standard move and you lose your edge.

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