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How to get internet from cable TV line in the USA

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When we talk about a reliable and high-speed internet connection, we cannot overlook the power of cable TV lines. Getting the internet connection through the same cable line that you get your cable connection has been in use since the beginning of the internet. It is still very common, well, provided that the cable service provider offers both cable TV and internet.

If we compare the speeds of wireless routers with the cable lines connection, the latter gives ten times more speed. The connection is also extremely stable and reliable. So, if you are wondering how to get internet from a cable TV line, then it is quite simple; let’s get into it.

Internet Through Cable TV Line

It is the coaxial cable, a splitter, and a MoCA adapter that are responsible for getting the internet to you through the cable TV lines. To help you understand the process better, we will get into the methods that you opt for to get a fast internet connection to your location via cable TV lines.

Before we get started, you have to subscribe to the internet plan of your cable service provider if you plan on getting the connection through the cable TV line. Now that we have this cleared out, let’s start.

  1. Coaxial Cable

Using the coaxial cable is the most common and traditional method to get an internet connection out of your cable TV line. You can connect your entire local network to the internet connection easily.

DOCSIS; data over cable service interface specification is the most commonly applied system to provide cable internet to your area. All you have to do is the following;

  • First, you will attach one end of the coaxial cable to the modem and the other end to the cable output.
  • You will have to connect the modem to a power source for it to start.
  • Then, place your modem at an optimum location.
  • Connect the router to the modem.

And voila, you are now connected to the internet using the cable TV line.

  1. MoCA Adapters

MoCA Adapters can also be used to receive internet from cable TV lines. This solution is ideal if you need to cover a larger region because it provides both wireless and wired internet access. These adapters can turn coax wiring into an ethernet network, providing a fast internet connection that is unaffected by outages.

You can also connect it to a router via its ethernet output connection to receive wireless internet. Follow the steps below to get the internet from cable TV lines by using MoCA adapters;

  • Firstly, you need to get two HT-EM4 Adapters and an Ethernet cable.
  • Connect either end to the cable TV line and the other end to the MoCA adapter.
  • You then need to connect the router to the MoCA adapter using an Ethernet cable.
  • Finally, connect the cable TV line to the second MoCA adapter and your internet connection is ready and you are good to browse.

MoCA adapters offer a strong and fast internet connection that is optimal for gaming, streaming, and even remote working.

  1. The Two-Way Splitter

By using the two-way splitter you can enjoy the internet connection and the cable service both at the same time. You will require a coax cable, modem, router, a splitter, and TV box. Once ready, follow the steps below;

  • Using the coax cable connects in the port of the splitter with the cable TV line.
  • Connect the ‘out port’ of the splitter through a coax cable to the TV box and the second out port to the modem.
  • You will then connect the router to the modem for getting internet access.
  • Lastly, you will connect the TV to the TV box to get the cable.

Why get Internet Through from Cable TV Line?

By using the cable TV line to get the internet you can create a much reliable home network and also enjoy high-speed internet along with cable service without having to pay hefty amounts. Some reasons as to why you should opt for the internet through the cable lines are;

  1. Wi-fi Coverage: When the modem is connected to the cable TV lines, it certainly alleviates the Wi-Fi coverage in the area. Ultimately, you do not have to worry about slow internet speeds.
  2. Online Streaming and Gaming: Since we get a much faster internet speed through the cable TV line connection, the online streaming and gaming experience improves significantly. You can even play 4k games without worrying about it buffering or freezing.
  3. Resourceful Option: It is considered to be a versatile approach when you opt for the internet via cable TV lines since it does save you some bucks and you do not end up paying separately for your cable and internet connection.


Getting your internet through cable TV gives you a reliable and stable connection, at cost-efficient prices. It is also quite easy to get installed and running. If you do have the option for cable internet in your area, then you must opt for it.

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