How To Get More Views On Your Instagram Lives


Instagram is the essence of interaction!

There is nothing that can top the interaction density more than going live and talking to your followers.

It can help you get the best customer feedback to work upon, and if you are really lucky, there will be a surge in your follower count!

However, all this is only possible if there aren’t enough people in your live session.

So, now we come to the topic of discussion for today’s session!

How to get more views on your Instagram Lives!

If you have more than 2k followers and only 200 joining your live session, then it is not a win!

In this excerpt below, we will be talking about the different ways in which you can get more Instagram live views.

So sit back, and start taking notes!

Why Instagram Live Is So Important

If you are new to Instagram marketing and do not understand the major difference between doing and not doing Instagram live, here is your answer.

Your engagement rate will skyrocket with Instagram lives. So much that people literally buy instagram live views.

– You can conduct mini-events in Instagram lives and let others be a part of an experience that they generally had to pay for.

– You will be able to get first-hand customer feedback and understand what they think about you.

– Did you know that according to surveys, 80% of the audience would rather watch a live stream rather than invest their time in reading a blog.

Now, all you have to learn is how to make these live streams more interactive.

How To Get More Views On Instagram Lives

There are a few ways with which you can gain more fan following for your Instagram lives, and they are recommended by experts who have been in the business for quite some time.

1. Announcement! Announcement! Announcement!

No one can join your Instagram live if they do not know about it!

Announcements and advertisements are very important for your followers that you are going live.

Excite them with countdown techniques!

Or, your stories and advertising posts are very interactive, so they can attract.

2. Select Interesting Destinations

Do not always live from the same place; then, the entire idea can get very monotonous. So, you should choose an interactive destination sometimes.

For example, if you are at a live concert or on vacation, living will give your audience insight into your life or business.

Giving them a feel of the outside while they are sitting inside can never go wrong.

3. Collaborate With A Guest

In order to cut the monotony, we would suggest you bring new guests to the live show.

Collaborate with the people who work in the same niche as yours. Your followers will also get to see something different for a change.

You can even ask them for suggestions.

4. Interact With The Followers

Interact with your followers while in life.

The worst thing that you can do is ignore genuine comments.

So make sure you are interactive and answer as many as you can. This will increase your credibility and appreciation.

5. Live Quizzes & Games

Live quizzes and games can attract followers to join your life more.

Especially if there is a special gift or reward attached to these quizzes makes it ten times better.

You can start by giving discounts on your products or giving away free products as rewards.

6. Give Someone The Limelight

It is not just one-way communication; it is a 360-degree ecosystem, so make use of it.

If someone is willing to take the limelight and share their thoughts, then let them. After all, the comments will help you understand what the new changes you need to bring about are.

7. Offensive Comment Filter

Offensive comments are not good for you and the other viewers, so it is best to filter these offensive comments if you want to maintain decorum.

You can go to the live settings and select the option.

Now there is no more offensive disruption in your live sessions.

Go Live Now!

Going live, your job is to make your audience feel comfortable.

At the same time, they should enjoy it. But, rather than taking too much pressure, how about just having a chit-chat with your followers.

The more you make them feel at home, the more the numbers will increase.

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