7 Best Shopify Apps For Increasing Customer Lifetime Value In 2022

How would you calculate your Shopify store’s prosperity? Do you regularly zero in on things like deals and income? While these measurements are valuable for following the transient execution of content and campaigns, they don’t constantly portray your business’ future. If you are looking to scale your store, tracking customer lifetime value will take you a long way in establishing your business.

What Is Customer Lifetime Value?

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is quite possibly the main variable in deciding your business’ present and future achievement. It’s a frequently neglected metric that can precisely anticipate how much your customers are truly worth. By estimating the lifetime value that you’ll take in throughout the span of your whole relationship with a customer, you’ll have the option to limit precisely that they are so significant to your business.

Lifetime customer value gives you vital knowledge into how much you ought to spend on securing your customers by letting you know how much worth they’ll get to your business in the long run. As opposed to simply hustling to keep your head above water, you’ll have the option to comprehend which customers you ought to focus on and, all the more significantly, why you ought to focus on them.

How Can You Increase The Lifetime Value Of Customers With Shopify Apps?

In such a cutthroat industry, customer-driven Shopify stores need top customer experience apps like the Shopify recommended products apps to accomplish their objectives for 2022 and construct strategies for long haul development. In the event that you look for “lifetime customer value” in the Shopify App Store, you will find more than 1,500 apps accessible. So how would you choose the best apps without investing an excess of energy exploring?

Amongst the staggering number of Shopify apps options, we have a rundown of measures for picking the following applications that will add to your customer support and customer experience. Another thing that counts here is the integration of web accessibility tools in a website for making any online store or eCommerce shop increasingly accessible to people with physical disabilities like blur vision or color blindness. Here, you can consult with a web specialist like “Accessibility Spark” that can help integrate such smart website accessibility solutions.

These are the most fundamental qualities that you should look for in an app for increasing customer lifetime value:

  • The app has a simple user interface.
  • It assists you with saving important assets.
  • Has clear detailing frameworks that permit you to screen and assess results.
  • Offers support for while you’re having issues or stall out.
  • Has a fair cost for what it brings to the table.
  • The plans are adaptable to your development.

The applications we chose are ideally suited for utilizing your customer experience, yet their elements assist you with finance related objectives, giving your customer a better experience throughout.


REVEAL is one such platform that assists you with examining customer experience, customer acquisition costs and comprehending how you can obtain better customers, hold lifetime customer value and delight all customers at each progression of their journey.

This Shopify app permits you to focus on keeping up with Customer Acquisition Cost as low as could be expected and subsequently increase lifetime value of customers. It is ideal for eCommerce personalization that expects to be customer-driven.

The elements of REVEAL are classified into three major classes:

  • Customer Analytics.
  • Item Performance.
  • Customer Experience.


  • Helps you improve brand marketing.
  • Keeps monitoring and providing new strategies.
  • Helps improve customer experience.
  • Helps with RFM Segmentation.

REVEAL assists you with utilizing the force of your current customers to recognize your best customers. It also helps you find out about your top customers to draw in more like them, plan strategies for building trust and further developing customer lifetime value, and screen conduct to bring in more customers.

  • LoyaltyLion

LoyaltyLion is a customer loyalty platform that helps eCommerce stores create better commitment and increase customer lifetime value. The app permits you to make better devotion programs by getting what inspires customers to draw in with your image and put in recurrent requests from your store.


  • Focuses and compensates.
  • References.
  • Incorporations.
  • Customization.
  • Customer Experiences.
  • Reliability program and experiences.

LoyaltyLion coordinates with different devices and advances, and its highlights assist you with planning and A/B test different strategies that structure a custom unwaveringly program for every customer.

  • ModeMagic

ModeMagic takes customer experience to another level by making it interactive and fun. This shopify app saves you time by providing automated labels, user-friendly user interface and makes your store fresh, dynamic, and engaging. 


  • Add interesting labels, badges, stickers and symbols to your item pictures.
  • Make graphic pictures exhibiting a blend of product photographs.
  • Diminish bounce rate by getting down on secure checkout and winning customer trust in less time.
  • Building dynamic blocks across different pages from homepage to checkout page.
  • 24*7 customer support service.
  • Smile.io

Smile is a customer dependability app that helps eCommerce brands fabricate connecting with customer experiences and reward programs that produce business development. About 50,000 Shopify brands utilize the steadfastness information inside the platform to help brand marketing and performance marketing.


  • Spur the customers to join a loyalty program;
  • Fabricate VIP program that prizes best customers and keeps customer lifetime values high.
  • Cartloop

Cartloop is an SMS marketing and customer support that assists eCommerce personalization for organizations with creating one-on-one discussions by means of SMS to forestall cart abandonment, increase lifetime value of customers and delight more customers.

Cartloop’s live specialists assist you with effectively paying attention to your customers’ solicitations or input, offering a top to bottom comprehension of what drives rehash buys or why customers are agitating.


  • Customized SMS marketing.
  • Two-way SMS discussions.
  • Day in and day out customer support service.
  • Pre and post-buy SMS support.
  • Loop Returns

Loop Returns is a profits application that helps Shopify stores further develop customer lifetime value by empowering product trade rather than discount demands. This app empowers stores to produce better outcomes by changing the profits cycle into an experience as pleasant as the shopping experience. The makers of Loop Returns fostered the app around the possibility that “customer experience is the last differentiator,” and customers are bound to become advertisers when they pick trades over discounts.


  • Helps increase sales.
  • Automated customer support.
  • Provides planned strategies for increasing customer lifetime value.
  • Provides more tactics according to strategies.
  • PostPilot

PostPilot is a postcard marketing platform that assists stores with sending customized and beneficial postcards to their customers consequently. This not only enhances brand marketing but is a crucial step for lifetime customer value.

Stores that utilize PostPilot can create one-off or set off automated crusades as a component of their customer maintenance methodology, producing more deals, benefits, expanded commitment, and dependability.


  • Free layouts.
  • Customized labels or postcards.
  • The postcards get to your clients in 4 to 6 work days.

We can’t see which is the best blend of Shopify applications in this article as the need might arise and objectives are remarkable, yet we’re glad to pay attention to your story and show you what you can accomplish when ModeMagic turns out to be essential for your store. Let us know your experience!

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