How to Grow your Twitch Channel with Viewers and Followers

For avid gamers, there is no better medium than the Twitch channel to monetize their passion for gaming. Be on Twitch, indulge in your favorite hobby, and earn substantial sums, a scenario that only dreams are made of. Yet, it is possible and thousands of streamers are today earning in seven-figures on Twitch by knowing how to get Twitch followers.

Before diving into how to get Twitch followers, a quick word on this platform and why the best way to earn money is to get more followers.

The Twitch Platform

Twitch is a live video streaming service of video games as well as esports events. Founded in 2014, it immediately caught the attention of gamers and in a year, had grown to 100 million views per month. By early 2020, Twitch accounted for about 43% of the global Internet gaming traffic and had reached a massive 3 million monthly broadcasts and 1.4 million average concurrent users.

The Benefits of getting Twitch followers

If you know why you should get Twitch followers, it will be easier to understand how to get Twitch followers.

First, the more followers you have, the higher will be the perception in the minds of the viewersabout the content and quality of your channel. Unique content and a massive following are where the money is on Twitch. Compare the rise in the number of followers on Twitch and the rise in your popularity and you will find that there is a direct correlation. This is somewhat similar to social media platforms where users flock to profiles that are popular and a cut above the rest.

As soon as your followers start increasing, you will catch the attention of the people who matter when it comes to earnings. Corporates and even small and mid-sized enterprises will want to promote their products and services on your channel to achieve great reach and increased brand awareness – paying you well for the right to do so. Additionally, you can earn well also through selling personalized merchandise and pulling in donations from the Twitch community.

How to get Twitch followers

Here are a few tips on how to get Twitch followers and take your Twitch channel to another plane.

  • Setting goals to increase followers: Even though your goal should be to increase followers, random and haphazard methods will not help. Set precise targets like “X number of followers in X days”. Ensure that this goal is realistically achievable. 1000 subscribers in the first month do not make sense. Evaluate what you want to gain on Twitch. If you are looking to be partnered, focus on consistent viewership, when it is high subscription count, make gaining new subscribers your mission. The next steps are working on strategies to achieve this goal.
  • Streaming frequently and consistently: For a dedicated and loyal following, make sure that you stream regularly and frequently. You may try to download streams on Twitch of other users to know how they have managed their account to maintain the growth. Creating a schedule, sharing it with your viewers, and sticking scrupulously to itare the best solutions to how to get Twitch followers. You will get a name as a professional gamer who is serious about your following. Without a schedule, those who like your channel will not know when you will be back and will move on to other gamers. Mention the game you will be playing too in the schedule to make it interesting for your followers.
  • Offer value to the audience: There are 2 million broadcasters out there and if you want to bring in followers you have to provide value to them. One is to help them make a purchase decision after a new game is launched. By watching you in real gameplay, they can arrive at a conclusion. Another is to provide tips and advice on games so that others can improve their gaming skills, know how to get through difficult stages, or learn a few in-game secrets. Once the word spreads about this aspect of your content, followers will increase for sure.
  • Be interactive with the audience: One of the most attractive options of how to get Twitch followers is being able to interact with the streamers in real-time and easily instead of constantly watching gameplay. Hence, while you are playing, keep a constant eye on the chat room. This might be difficult for you if you have a large following but even then, pick up some general conversational topics and individual messages which catch your eye. Once you interact with curious onlookers and solve any gaming issues, be assured of their loyalty as new regular followers of your channel.
  • Promote your channel on social media: Your success as a Twitch gamer in having a large number of followers does not depend entirely on what you do on the channel but also on how you promote yourself on other platforms, especially social media. Cross-promote yourself on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other relevant forums. The more attention you get there, the more likely are you to get new followers on Twitch.
  • Get good streaming equipment: If you have to optimally interact with your audience, they should be able to hear and see you clearly. Hence, you must invest in a good camera and microphone. A top-of-the-line mic is especially critical as the audience should be able to hear your commentary loud and clear. For the same reasons, a stable Internet connection and advanced streaming software are necessary.

These are some of the ways of how to get Twitch followers.

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