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Countries With the Best Online Casino Options

Since its beginning in 1994, online gambling’s popularity has been on the rise. Even those who were not interested, tried it during the lockdowns because they did not have any other choice.

Like all the things online, the original idea is to access an online venue from any location. However, gambling has a bit of a specific character because of the laws that accompany it. Countries have different legislations when it comes to gambling, both online and “offline”.

That is why when choosing an online casino, it is important to consider both your and the online casino’s location. Casinos work online, but like many other things they have to belong to a certain country and have their taxes and other obligations paid there.

Here, we bring you the list of the best online casinos by country, around the world. Be careful though if you do not live in these states. Before you decide to try them, be sure to check your country’s laws and rules regarding online gambling.

United Kingdom – the safety of the players

The island monarchy in Europe has the first place on our list for a particular reason. The United Kingdom has very strict regulations for online casinos. These make the players very safe, hence the reason for this country to make it to our list.

Other than safety, the online casinos in the British virtual world usually offer a possibility to choose among a few languages. Players can also decide whether they want to use the domestic currency – the pound or engage in a game with some euros.

United States – choose the payment method wisely

Uncle Sam’s land is famous for its land-based casinos, especially the ones in Las Vegas. Atlantic city is also known to many, even outside the borders of the USA. But they are not behind on the online casinos front either.

But, while both variants of gambling are very popular in the states, there are two downsides, and a player should have both of them in mind to avoid trouble.

First of all, note that gambling is not legal in every state that is part of the USA. The most famous states that legalized it are of course Nevada, where Las Vegas is, and New Jersey, the home of Atlantic City. Make sure the check for the state you are located in if you intend to gamble while there.

The second possible con is the fact that the online casino you choose must be located in the USA for the player to be able to withdraw the winnings. And, even if it is located, the transaction of the money one won can be very slow, because banks and payment processors take time to make sure the transaction is not an offshore one.

The latter can be solved by choosing the best way to deposit cash winnings from casino. And because of this issue, when you are playing from the United States it is using your card and funding a money transfer through services like Western Union.

Australia – no casinos are local but you can play offshore legally

Another country under Queen Elisabeth II’s jurisdiction is on our list, and it is Australia. It is important to understand that Australia has not legalized any online casino to operate within its borders, but people from Down Under can access offshore places. Don’t worry—that is absolutely legal.

The currency in use is the Australian dollar and the online casinos that Aussies choose are famous for their great incentives. What’s especially popular are loyalty bonuses.

For players that visit online casinos from Australia, the currency of choice is of course Australian Dollar. But, as we mentioned, these are not physically located in Australia, which often means you can find other currencies as well.

Canada – true love of online gambling

Being a member of the Commonwealth, just like the UK, it should not come as a surprise that Canada also made it to our list.

Canadians truly love online gambling as statistics show that 75 % of citizens enjoy this activity. So, while the British Monarchy is famous for safety, Canada is famous for online gambling freedom.

In the Great White North, as Canada was nicknamed, there is a variety of casino payment methods. In short, all types of payment are available in Canadian online casinos. But, when it comes to currency, the UK is better, because, in Canada, the domestic dollar is the only option. Other than cryptocurrencies, of course.

Singapore – not many brick-and-mortar choices

From English-speaking countries, we move to Asia and the magnificent Singapour. What is unusual about gambling in this land, is that there are not many choices for those who like to physically visit the gambling houses.

In fact, Singapore has only two brick-and-mortar casinos. That of course causes a lot of downsides for players and the biggest one can be the low number of choices of game types.

Opposite to this, the country of Singapore has no limitations when it comes to online gambling. Players are welcome to choose any offshore online casino that they decided offers them the perfect choice of games.

Japan – no limits

Another Asian country is on our list of the best. The reason for this lies probably in the fact that in the whole continent gambling is very popular. And Japan is not an exception.

Due to the popularity and tradition of gambling, there are not many bans related to it in Japan. One thing is necessary though: the safety of the players must be at the maximum level. No wonder Japanese gamblers are free to spend around $18.6 billion every year online.

To conclude

When everything is taken into consideration, the fact is – some countries are better than others. The countries on our list happen to be the best places for online gamblers. However, that does not automatically mean your location is bad. Just make sure you check in detail the quality of online casino offers and more importantly the limitations and legislations related to them.

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