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How To Help Your Child With Homesickness

Whether your child or children are going to a camp for the whole of the summer, have enrolled on a trip abroad as part of their school’s curriculum or else are due to start a new international school at the beginning of the next school year, then one thing you need to expect is the feeling of homesickness.

With this in mind, continue reading to learn how to help your child with homesickness.

When Starting Boarding School

If you have already arranged and booked your child a place at a prestigious and renowned British international boarding school, such as Rugby School Thailand, or else you are considering enrolling your child in such an academic institution, then it is highly likely that at some point they will experience the feeling of homesickness to some degree.

When At Summer Camp

Starting in the United States, the idea of ‘camp’ has now extended across the length and breadth of the world and as a result, there are now specific job positions in place in most camp scenarios whose direct purpose is to help the transition away from the family home to the camp setting feel as natural and exciting as it should do.

However, in the case that you know your child is feeling homesick but you are unable to meet them even for an hour or so, it is strongly advisable to pack a ‘survival kit’ of a different kind.

Making it humorous and light-hearted, pack a special box which is sealed with a note that says something along the lines of ‘only open when feeling homesick’ and as a parent or guardian, you are basically in a win-win situation.

When Spending Enforced Time Away

For whatever reason, there may well be a situation which calls for your child being removed from the family home against their will by a professional institution or government employee and in this situation, their emotions will, entirely understandably, be all over the place.

In such a situation, phone calls become the connection to their home, yourself and their normal life and as a result, you should endeavor never to miss even one scheduled phone or video call.

When On Holiday Without Their Parent/Guardian

Perhaps your child has an upcoming school trip away as part of their school’s syllabus, or perhaps they are preparing to embark on their very first holiday away with their friends.

When helping them pack for the holiday, choose items that do not, to the untrained eye, appear overtly sentimental or what your child would refer to as ‘babyish’.

When Starting School For The First Time

Starting school for the very first time is one of the most daunting things children are exposed to and is probably also the first time in their life that they have to stand on their own two feet.

As with going away with friends or other family members, it is important not to do anything your child would consider embarrassing when it comes to preparing to combat any expected, or even unexpected, feelings of homesickness.

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