How to Improve Your Score in Block Games

How to Improve Your Score in Block Games

The most played puzzle games today are block games. They are preferred by many gamers worldwide because they are exciting and addictive. The best part about block games is that they come with a set of rules to make it easier for players of all ages to play them and enjoy them more.

Block games can, nevertheless, be extremely difficult at times, just like the majority of puzzle games. It is really simple to finish with fewer scores, especially if you don’t put the pieces strategically. Fortunately, there are strategies you may use to improve your score in your preferred block game. Let’s explore them.

1. It’s recommended to always start from the corners

Staying in the game for an extended period of time is the key to scoring more in block games. Therefore, the greatest thing you can do is figure out how to play the game for longer. The ideal method for doing that is to begin putting the blocks down from the corners. In this manner, you can choose between a horizontal and vertical line for any given move.

To avoid leaving empty cells in between, you must also carefully and imaginatively arrange the blocks. By using this method, you can avoid overfilling your grid and prevent the game from ending prematurely due to a shortage of block placement space.

2. Pay attention to the horizontal and vertical lines

Block games feature more than just fitting blocks together; they also need the formation of horizontal and vertical lines in order to clear the board. Because of this, you need to pay special attention to clearing both the vertical and horizontal lines. Your score increases as you clear more lines. Therefore, to improve your score, try to clear as many lines as you can. Another strategy for improving your score in block games is to place your blocks thoughtfully and strategically.

3. Clear as many columns and rows as possible

This point is connected to the one above. Your score will rise as more rows and columns are cleared. You should therefore pay attention to how you arrange the blocks so that you can clear numerous lines at once rather than just one line, just as you should strive to clear the vertical and horizontal lines. This tactic will enable you to achieve better results.

4. Position your blocks wisely.

Another strategy for improving your score in block games is to place your blocks thoughtfully and strategically. When playing block games, placing the blocks recklessly on the grid is one error you should avoid. You will end up with block cells that won’t fit anyplace if you do this. The game will end prematurely with a lower score for you. Because of this, you must carefully and strategically arrange the blocks from the supplied blocks.

You can end up throwing the blocks anywhere out of fear of the timer expiring. When playing a block game, maintaining fast speed is beneficial, but you also need to be very attentive about where you position the blocks.

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