How to Inspect a Used Car Before Buying

How do you know if you are buying a good car? This question has puzzled many people over the years. Even though most vehicle manufacturers now offer extended warranties, these are only useful if the problem happens within the covered term or mileage. Once the warranty expires, the manufacturer becomes liable for the repairs. The buyer ends up spending a substantial amount of money repairing the vehicle.

There are several things that you should consider before purchasing a new car. One important factor is to inspect the vehicle thoroughly before buying it.

If you are scouting used cars toowoomba for sale in Dubai, it is necessary to be aware of the variables which can distort a judgment on a specific model.

If you are buying a second-hand car, Here are the key points to check on the coveted vehicle.

Visiting conditions

It is necessary to go and see the car in the daytime with good weather. This makes it possible to examine the car’s body. The seller should wash the car before your arrival to prevent a thin layer of dust from masking certain imperfections (micro-scratches, matt surfaces, failed polishing, etc.).


A parallelism problem is often the cause of asymmetrically worn tires. Take a look at the wear pattern of the two tires at the front, and don’t limit yourself to just one! The problem can then be expensive or insignificant (it is enough that a tire is badly inflated so that it wears differently from the other located on the same train), you will then have to dig to know the cause of possible asymmetrical wear of the tires on the front.


Check the universal joint whose rubber retains the oil intended to lubricate the ball joints. If the rubber is punctured (more frequent than you might imagine), you will have at least to replace the bellows (the rubber) or worse replace the gimbal entirely (the ball joints are no longer being protected, it wears out more quickly). When a gimbal is inoperative, there’s usually a rattling noise when cornering, significantly if you’re accelerating at the same time.

Previous Accidents

Even if a seller is not obliged to inform you of a past collision, it is still interesting to track down evidence of a possible incident to negotiate the price a little. Car accidents affect the car valuation in Dubai.

Walk around the car in the sunlight and observe the reflections. You can notice any bodywork correction like a color difference or a slightly duller appearance.

Check the front bonnet open and the rear trunk open, under the carpet, and the doors align with the body. These are often revealing as irregularities in the spaces are a sign of repair.

Electronic / Electric

Even if it may seem laborious and boring, you need to check the car’s electrical and multimedia equipment. Open and close the electric windows, operate the car radio and the CD player, and check that all the lights come on when the ignition is on.

Air conditioner

Test the air conditioning by turning it on full to see if the cold air comes quickly. If after 3 minutes the air is still lukewarm, the air conditioning is not working optimally. If you smell odors, there are fungi in the ducts.


If you don’t have a multimeter handy to check the load of the battery, you can turn on the headlights and the radio with the engine off. If a “low battery” alert comes after a few minutes, the battery is not at its best.


The scams with tampered meters are numerous with electronic tweaks. Check if there is a lag between the visible wear and what indicates the counter mileage. Places to check are the pedals, the seats, the steering wheel, the control buttons, etc. In short, track down the wear that seems excessive to you. For example, if the mileage says 30,000 km while there is wear and tear in the pedals, you may have to ask questions.

Fluids Levels

The control of the levels allows both to see if the person is careful (by doing the extra regularly) or even to note certain defects. Examine the jar of cooling water and the oil cap for a loose cylinder head gasket that is no longer tight. A low water level could mean a cylinder head gasket problem. The power steering oil must be at the right level to avoid any premature fatigue of the pump.


A well-maintained car will last longer than one which has been neglected. Keep a close eye out for any signs of rust on the vehicle.

Avoid cars that are beginning to rust, especially in coastal areas where the environment accelerates the corrosion. On the other hand, do not panic at the slightest point of rust. It is often necessary to look under the car to see possible corrosion problems.

Stolen car?

To put the odds on your side, check that the numbers on the chassis and in the engine compartment are identical. Otherwise, run away!

Another thing,  you can check the governmental records to confirm that you are not dealing with a stolen car.


If the vehicle’s model is new, it is crucial to check that the seller has always carried out the maintenance/services on time. Any delay will be costly in the event of a serious breakdown. Because even outside the warranty, the manufacturer must take care of any hidden defects, but the latter can discharge everything (legally speaking) if the owner didn’t respect and perform the recommended maintenance.

Test Drive

Here are some general aspects that you will need to check while driving:

  • Listen carefully to the noise of the engine at idle. It must be regular with no belt noise (accessory belt, timing belt).
  • Checking the clutch is easy. Stop and engage the third gear. Slowly let go of the clutch pedal. If the car stalls, it’s a good sign, otherwise it’s a sign of advanced wear. If gears are hard to shift or even jerky when you squeal the clutch (when starting from a standstill), the flywheel may be the cause.
  • Power steering: you can check the steering by turning the steering wheel from lock to lock. The goal is to hear any suspicious noise (mainly at the pump level).
  • White smoke may be the result of a worn head gasket.
  • If there is air suspension, remember to check it by testing it in all possible positions.
  • Try driving on the highway to check the behavior of the steering wheel if it shakes at certain speeds.
  • In a straight line, let go of the steering wheel to see if the car pulls to one side. That indicates a problem in the axes.
  • When done driving, park on a clean ground to check for any fluid leaks. However, a puddle of water on the floor is simply humidity from the air conditioning.

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