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How To Install A Service Door in a Garage: 3 Easy Steps!

A service door for a garage is a useful thing and prudent use of space; being able to access your garage from outside your home without having to raise the whole garage door open constantly or leaving it open for a prolonged period of time can be a wise allocation of time as well as add to the convenience of movement.  Also, no-one wants to go out and have to open the garage door in bad weather, for example, so having a side door to your garage can be a help in that regard.

But getting a service door put into your garage is a costly procedure, so you want to ensure that the company you hire to do it is dependable, reliable, and trustworthy.  We have compiled a few tips for you in what to look out for when searching for the latter, in addition to how to best ensure the whole process of getting a service door installed is as painless as possible.

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The first thing you need to consider after deciding to get a service door added to your garage is finding a professional garage door service to install it. You could hire a building contractor to do the job, but the chances are you might have to wait a while as they are usually in high demand, so you’d be best to approach a garage door company as they have multiple mobile units on the go at any one time, so it’s likely you can be seen by them quicker.

Phone round a good range of garage door replacement and repair services and see what their rates are, how near they are to your locality, and when the earliest time is that they could assess your garage for renovation.  Don’t just go for the company with the cheapest price though; ensure that they know the specifics of not only what you want but the individual characteristics of your garage and what is best for your individual circumstances.

Take your time and make sure you get the right company, installing a garage service door is too costly to just rush into it. Take your time, get it right.  We would recommend Up and Down Garage Doors, a highly professional and proficient garage door service that offer high standards at low prices… and don’t compromise on either!

  • Making preparations.

Hopefully, you’ll find a great garage door repair, replacement, and installation company that ticks all the boxes and meets all your requirements – be they budgetary, locality, availability, etc – and the process of installing a service door to your garage is underway. It’s worth asking your garage door company what you need to do in advance of them starting work with regards to preparing the garage for the upcoming renovation.

Depending on what’s in your garage, it’s maybe best to not empty it completely in advance of the new door installation. Just push everything to the back or other side of the garage from where the work is being done. But ensure there is plenty of space for the installation team to work and cover all your things in the garage so they won’t be covered in dust and cement from the installation.

Don’t be afraid to ask any questions to your garage door service before the work is started; anything you can do in advance to help will ensure the whole process is as painless and hassle-free as possible.

  • Having your door installed.

Hopefully, all preparations have been made, you’ve chosen your new door, the garage door service has sized up all specifications and  requirements, and a date is set to get your new service door installed.

If all has gone according to plan, hopefully, all you need to do now is sit back and let the professionals do their job, but just a couple of final hints that may be useful for you;  if your garage is brick, ensure that there is a good and strong lintel above your new door to support the brickwork surrounding it; and because a door potentially slamming shut repeatedly will likely be damaging to the surrounding brickwork over time, it’s advisable to get a slow close door if possible; additionally, it’s also a good idea to get a restrictor which prevents the door swinging open past a 90-degree angle and slamming into the wall.

A good garage door service like Up and Down Garage Doors will advise you on these matters.

If you have all these things in hand, then allow the pros to do their job and et voila, you’ll soon have a lovely new service door in your garage for convenience to enjoy!

Garage door service recommendation.

There are many garage door services out there vying for your trade, so again, just to come back to where we started, it’s important to ensure you get the right garage door services provider for your needs. If that takes a little time to find, then it’s well worth it in the long-run.  One of the market leaders in the garage door services field is Up and Down Garage Doors, who specialize in all areas of garage door repair, replacement, and installation, and are one of the best-reviewed and most respected companies in that industry, and a company that pride themselves on ensuring that you the customer come first, and in delivering to all customers the very highest standard of garage door services at the very lowest cost.

But whoever you choose to go with, we hope we’ve provided some useful and constructive tips in ensuring your garage door service installation goes without a hitch and you have a lovely new door to enjoy for many years.

Good luck!

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