How To Keep Your Car Cool In The Summer

Are you getting ready for your first travel adventure this summer but worried about your car overheating. Since summer is the best time to travel to different places to cool down and enjoy yourself, you will also be using your vehicle more frequently this time. But worry no more because we are here to help you maintain your car cool.

Since the most available tool in cooling our engine is water and coolant, sometimes we always come to an argument about water vs. coolant. But, to be safe, it will be better if you have both in your car.

But there are other ways to make your car stay cool during your trip this summer, and we hope the list below will help you.

Check your car’s battery

You may think that this isn’t part of the engine, but the battery can also be part of your car’s overheating. Your battery efficiency will deplete after a couple of years, and once it is completely depleted, your engine will require more work in some instances. You’ll notice when your battery is needed to be replaced when there is corrosion on its terminals and cables. This problem occurs when chemical reactions are happening on your battery.

So, you have to make sure to visit your mechanic because they will tell you if your battery is needed to be replaced already.

Check your car’s electrical wires and system

Checking your car’s electrical system is also essential before you travel this summer since it’s connected to the engine. It will be a significant risk if you use your car with a compromised electrical system. An electrical problem can wreck out your engine, and worst it may occur if you’re in the middle of your trip. You may notice these symptoms if there is a problem with your car’s electrical system:

  1. Your engine takes time to start because it’s receiving less power that stops your engine to crank.
  2. The battery itself, you may see signs of corrosion in your battery that causes electrical problems in your car. Also, if you have used your battery for 5 years already, you might need to replace it with a new one.
  3. When you smell burning rubber when you start using your car, it will be an alarming symptom of an electrical problem. Once you notice this, quickly turn off the engine ask your car electrician to get it fixed.

Keep an eye on your coolant level

Coolant is indeed what you need to make sure your engine runs cool during your trip. Since this is different from the water, you have to make sure you have enough coolant in your radiator because your coolant almost does your engine’s cooling.

Your coolant circulates through your engine to remove the excess and go back to your radiator, where the cooling process happens and then circulates again once it cooled down already. A low coolant level means there’s not enough cooling system to remove the excess heat from your engine. With that said, there’s a greater chance that your car will overheat.

Check your thermostat

If you have a faulty thermostat, it means you’re coolant won’t be able to circulate through your engine. Your thermostat is the one that controls the circulation of your coolant, and the valves remain closed when you start your engine, and it opens when the temperature of your engine rises. When you have a faulty thermostat, your valve might remain closed even when your engine’s temperature rises.

If this happens, make sure to visit your mechanic already so you’ll avoid bigger problems in the long run.

Tint your car windows

Since we also want your driving to be comfortable, we suggest you tint your windows, so there will only be fewer sun rays to enter your windows. This will prevent you from maxing your car’s air conditioner since your ac will be additional work for your engine. Also, tinting your windows can benefit your skin because it will protect you from harmful UV rays.

However, you need to check if tinting is restricted from your location, and some places only allow 30%-40% tinted car windows.

Open your windows to get fresh air

If you are driving somewhere safe and with trees on the side of the road, we suggest you off your AC and instead let the fresh air go inside your car. With this, you can let your AC rest and help your engine cool down by reducing its work. Also, it will be healthier to breathe fresh air during your trip while enjoying the green sceneries around you.

However, you need to make sure first if the road is safe before you open your windows.

Look for a parking space where there is a shade

If you arrive already at your location, we suggest you look for a parking space where there is a shade, maybe shade from a tree, or if you are in a city, a shade coming from a building will do. By this, you will prevent the inside of your car from heating up. I’m sure most of you already experienced being roasted alive after parking in an open area.

But, please be careful from choosing your parking area. Know first if it is legal to park in that area, or if you plan to park it in an isolated place, make sure that it is safe to park there.


Now that you have read all the tips above, we hope that these advices will help you have a great summer experience. Always make sure that your car is in good shape before you start your trip. We all want to have less hassle during our trip, right?

Also, if you are prepared, you can expect no problem during your trip and the risk of your engine breaking down in the middle of your travel. Always remember to be a responsible driver and, of course, to be a responsible car owner.

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