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How To Maintain A Good Health At Your Old Age

We always associate old age with inactivity and zero production. We think it is the age of suffering till death. Yes, it is true that in old age, immunity levels weaken quite a lot, and diseases can easily attack the individual. Consequently, the person suffers the most.

-Are you in your mid-fifties?

This article can help you out. Here we discuss some tips for keeping good health even in old age. So let’s try to understand things deeply here.

How To Maintain Good Health At A Young Age?

When you reach the age of 65+, you can understand that the simple flu can lead to lots of suffering. Complications like bronchitis, pneumonia, and other secondary infections increase the suffering further.

If you have a chronic illness like diabetes, asthma, or respiratory illness, things can get worse. Therefore it is important to follow a group of healthy routines so that you can keep your immunity system intact. This section discusses some of the tips to stay healthy year-round.

1. Get Moving: Exercise And Physical Activity 

You may like it, or you may not like it; the key to happiness lies in mobility. Scientific evidence suggests that people who exercise longer live a better life. It simply denotes that you must exercise to get healthy for a long time, even in old age. A study finds out that adults under the age of 40 must walk at least 8000 steps to stay healthy.

So if you are old, you must do regular physical activity. They are responsible for happy hormones and keep you active and positive all the time. So walk for 20 – 30 minutes daily.

2. Eat A Healthy Diet 

Eating is one of the practices associated with fitness and a good life. Food not only fills your stomach but provides you with energy and immunity. So you must be mindful of your food habits, especially after your 60s.

Fruits and vegetables are good sources of antioxidants. You have to be selective with your choice of food items. Try to make a routine for your food habits. They are highly effective for your health. Say no to sugar intake and fatty foods. You can visit the website of ArabiaMD and find a dietitian on food intake.

3. Wash Your Hands Frequently 

A healthy lifestyle is not only about food and exercise but also about common practices in daily life. Washing your hands all the time is a great way to stay healthy.

If you touch a surface covered with the virus and then touch the hands on your face, you are in touch with the virus and become ill.

Old age is especially susceptible to disease. If possible, always use antibacterial hand sanitizer if you cannot always wash your hands.

4. Getting A Good Night’s Sleep 

Sleep makes you active and alerts you all the time. If you have reached 55 and above, you must try to spend at least seven to nine hours of sleep. Quality sleep can eliminate all your problems in life.

You might have observed that some senior citizens are always depressed and remain hot-tempered. They also tend to forget a lot. It might be that they don’t get adequate sleep. It is found from a study that those who have a poor sleep find it hard to concentrate on their own activities. Therefore doctors always prescribe good sleep.

5. Quit Smoking 

It doesn’t matter how old you are; you must quit smoking. Various studies confirm that smoking is highly risky for all ages, especially young ones.

If you have a smoking habit, you must take all pains to quit the habit. Doing so will reduce your risk of cancer, heart attack, stroke, and other deadly diseases. Smoking improves your blood circulation. They also quit smoking so they can increase their ability to exercise.

What Else? 

Stress and anxiety have become common human problems and one must do all to reduce them. Stress and anxiety are the major causes of the development of various diseases like diabetes, heart disease, and other bodily complexities.

Too much cortisol can disrupt your body’s different functions, including your immune system. Therefore what you need is sufficient exercise time coupled with meditation. This can help you out.

Old age is all about rest. Give adequate time to your body and rest to take rest. Following the above methods can make you active even at this age.

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