How to Maintain Parking Lots

Your parking lot is an extension of your business. It’s also one of the first things people see when they approach.

While you may not pay much attention to your parking lot daily, regular maintenance is essential to ensure a good first impression on customers.

Keep reading to find helpful tips for maintaining parking lots of all sizes.

Visually Inspect the Parking Lot Surface

Issues can arise suddenly. Take time to walk your parking lot to see what problems are present, such as pools of gas or oil, standing water, and developing cracks.

Each of these issues requires immediate attention. If you allow the problem to remain, it will only cause more issues and be even more expensive to fix down the road.

Clean Things Up

Besides inspecting your parking lot often, you also need to keep it free of dirt and debris. If you have a larger parking lot to maintain, looking into used sweepers for sale may be helpful.

With these, you can keep the surface free of trash, dirt, and other debris that may be present.

Check the Drains

If rainwater isn’t draining properly, you may have a blockage in the system. If the blockage isn’t removed, long-term issues may arise.

Be sure to open the drains and inspect for a blockage or debris that may turn into a blockage down the road.

Fix Cracks in the Surface

Heavy use and weather conditions can cause cracks in the surface of your parking lot. While smaller cracks don’t indicate a serious problem with the parking lot, they should be addressed as soon as possible.

Filling in and sealing small cracks is much easier than trying to fix a larger one.

When water gets into small voids, the asphalt will keep deteriorating. During the colder months, the freeze and thaw cycles can cause the water present in the cracks to freeze and expand. This will cause an even larger fracture.

Invest in Professional Sealcoating

If the pavement begins to crack or crumble, it’s a good idea to invest in professional seal coating. This is something you should have done just a few months after the pavement is installed.

Once the seal coating is in place, it should last between three and five years before being redone.

One of the best parts about seal coating is that it will restore the like-new look of the surface and protect it from oxidation, oil spills, and cracks.

If you combine this with a parking lot patch, your parking area will look virtually brand new.

Now You Know How to Maintain Parking Lots

It’s essential to maintain your parking lots regularly and keep any damage to a minimum. Doing this will help prolong the surface’s life and minimize serious issues that may arise.

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