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A bedroom is a place of your own in the whole house. It is your throne room, your castle and has all your secrets. It is up to you that how you want to shape it. Be a king, at least, in your room. Make your bed your throne by choosing an elegant and royal looking luxury wingback beds.

A wingback bed frame is a handmade headpiece made out of a single piece of wood. It is a classic looking straight headboard that goes along with the wall. They are covered or wrapped up with soft fabrics such as linen or velvet but if you want to be economical then polyester-wrapped wingback bed frames. Polyester is more affordable as compared to linen, velvet and leather.

Let’s discuss some insights into this luxurious piece of furniture.

A Style Statement Of Wing Back Beds

The central and focal piece of furniture in your bedroom is always your bed. To make this style statement even stronger, choose this handmade wingback bed for its ability to complement any type of room décor. It can fit any type of décor, ranging from a classical heavy or bulky look of wood to a more modernized look.

The modernized look, which has improvised the classic look, is mostly wrapped up with some luxurious fabric to give a soft and comfortable sight by just looking at it. The fabrics used mostly for wrapping up the frame are linen, velvet and polyester. With velvet, you have to be careful of avoiding any kind of scratches which can easily ruin its look.

The Wrapping Fabrics

If handled with care velvet wrapping of the headboard and footboard makes your bedroom look luxuriously artistic. The polyester fabric is also used for wrapping up the bed frames. Polyester is not as expensive as the other mentioned fabrics but is very practical in its usage and give a beautiful look to your bed.

Another type of wrapping on the headboards is with leather which is timeless and very long-lasting. It looks amazing and gives an elegant and strong style statement. The fancy-looking fabrics wrapping is one thing but leather-wrapped wingback headboards are totally another dimension of looking at the classical styling.

Extra Storage

The handmade wingback beds are a style stamen but have a little extra advantage also. They have some room to fit some of your stuff underneath their mattress. Yes, you’re right, they have extra storage built in their frames. Just lift the frame with a small push and discover a space for putting your extra things underneath your sleeping place.

Extra storage is always helpful when you are living in a small bedroom. Small living places can always use some extra storage to hid the mess from the sight to make your place look cozier and neat.Different designs come with different capacities to store things. The handmade wooden bed frames have drawers and compartments built in the frames whereas the modern-looking beds have huge storing places sometimes divided into compartments.

You can also put some boxes in that storage place to put more stuff without mixing them up. This feature of the extra storage is almost in all the ottoman beds. The extra storage beds are also a source of peace of mind and relaxation when you know you can put your unwanted stuff or the stuff that you do not use very often, in an area that is not exposed to others.

Different Sizes

These luxurious beds are available in different sizes to complement your bedroom. Check our collection to find the right size for your bedroom. These beds a fitting for all types of room décor. The colour, the style or the fabric type all can be chosen according to the bedroom style and the other furniture in the room.

Keeps Your Back Straight

One of the benefits of this bed is that you can sit with an upright waist which can save you from back pain and keep your spine straight and in shape. So, sit right up and feel easy to work or watch TV for long hours without worrying about the back pain. If you feel sometimes that you need to relax your spine or give it a little curve at the lower end then place a pillow behind you and enjoy your sitting time in this bed.

Invest your money in these handmade luxurious wingback beds to make a strong style statement and make your living style a mark of elegance.

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