How to Make a Fashion Statement with Formal Shirts as a Man

How to Make a Fashion Statement with Formal Shirts as a Man

Fashion statements are not about wearing expensive clothes or blingy items. The outfit you choose must be comfortable, make you feel yourself, and leave a lasting impression. The trick is that it should appear effortless, no matter how much thought has been put into it. If you are buying a men’s formal shirt online, you need to pick one that enhances your confidence and at the same time looks effortlessly stylish. So here are some ways by which you can make a style statement by choosing the below formal shirts for men:

1-A classic white shirt: A simple white shirt never goes out of style and is quite versatile. Whether you want to attend a formal meeting or outdoor event, a classic white shirt will surely help you make a lasting impression, without much effort actually! You can pair it up with black formal trousers or denim, as it looks great both ways. Carefully pick a well-tailored white shirt from a reputed brand or you can even search for men’s formal shirts online and explore the innumerable variety available there, to get that celebrity look.

2-A printed shirt: Though printed shirts are mostly reserved for casual outings, you can find several prints that are just perfect for formal wear. Look for printed shirts with clean cuts and lightweight cotton fabric if you wish to make a style statement. You need to carefully choose the right print from the variety of options available and pair it well with the right trousers. If you really want to make an impression, go for a printed shirt with a collar and pair it with a matching tie and a formal jacket. 

3- A tricolor striped shirt: Another way to make a dazzling fashion statement with formal shirts is by choosing a tricolor striped shirt. These shirts have vertical stripes in tricolor on the sleeves and at the back with a solid color front. Choose from a range of design and style options available in tricolor striped shirts and pick one that matches perfectly with your personality. These striped shirts look very elegant and will surely help you stand out in a crowd. 

4- A cuffed shirt: Cuffed shirts look best with business suits and tuxedos. They never go out of style and have a contemporary appeal to them. A cuffed shirt instantly elevates the attire and is just perfect to make an impression on special occasions. If you want to pair it up with a white tie, look for details like a detachable stiff collar and stiff single cuffs when buying a cuffed shirt. Carefully pair it up with trousers that will match well with the shirt to make a personal statement.

Lastly, remember to buy from reputed brands and places only to ensure top quality. You can even do shirts and trousers shopping online from reputed stores like Dash and Dot. Here you can browse through an amazing range of stylish men’s shirts and trousers and pick the ones that match perfectly with your style and personality. 

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