How To Start A Mobile Yoga Studio

We are increasingly embracing digital ways of doing things. The Coronavirus pandemic proved that we did not need to go to school, church, or the gym physically. Instead, we can catch up with these routines through various online video platforms. Thanks to the embracement of technology, you can do yoga without having to go to a gym. Mobile yoga thus means the ability to schedule an appointment online with a yoga instructor from the comfort of your home.

More and more people are using digital platforms to do things, so starting your mobile yoga studio makes sense in this case. Most yoga instructors earn roughly 7500 USD monthly, and it does seem like easy money. Like any other business, you need to put in some effort. You would need things like your own website, continuous knowledge of yoga workouts, and an active social media presence, to mention a few.

Here are a few steps discussed below that you need to follow to start your mobile yoga studio.

Identify your niche

There are many yoga poses out there, but chances are, you only know a few of them. Other poses may not appeal to you so much. Identify the yoga techniques you are passionate about and focus on instructing your potential clients on your niche. Some of the yoga poses that may serve as your niche include the triangle pose, bound ankle force, corpse pose, crow pose, wheel pose, and so on.

Record some of your videos or demos

You may need people to assist you, such as your cameraperson. They will not only shoot your videos, but will suggest some of the things you can do better regarding your instruction methods. Have a collection of at least ten videos that will serve as your portfolio.

Create your website and logo

You can either hire a web developer or watch tutorials online on how to build your website. To create your website, you will need to download a web builder software. Decide on your website’s color scheme, the purpose of the site, and a web hosting company before creating one. Additionally, you can create a free yoga scheduling software application that your clients may use to contact you. The application becomes useful just in case your website is not working. On your website, upload some of your recorded demos or videos.

If you do not want to create your website, you can also join freelance platforms. Clients who wish to seek your services can always send you a message on the platform. Be sure to include enough information about your services, such as your rates, for instance. Also, remember to remind your clients that you are mobile on the website or freelance platform. Clients are more likely to be on board with your services once they know they do not have to leave their houses physically.

Choose a logo that best represents your yoga services. Having a logo makes your company look genuine and reputable. Make sure the color scheme of your website matches your logo. As your business grows, you can also print your logo on your other merchandise, such as t-shirts or cups. When clients drink from your cups, they will be marketing your company everywhere they go.

Setting up prices

Based on the number of yoga routines that you know, set a price you feel your clients may be comfortable paying. Make sure to include the prices of your yoga routines on your website. Meanwhile, you could join other social media platforms to market your website.


As you try to locate a site for your business, you could still operate from your house. You can either build your gym or rent some office space to set up your studio. Be sure to include your location on your website.

Drafting a business plan

A business plan is a document that highlights the goals of the business and how it intends to achieve those goals. Nobody can start a business without planning for its future, lest it fails. Your business plan will contain these sections: an executive summary, operations, objectives, operations, marketing, financial analysis, among many others. You will need to double-check with this plan to ensure your mobile yoga studio adheres to it.

Yoga certification

Your clients are more likely to take you seriously if you have some sports or yoga certification. For instance, you wouldn’t trust an uncertified doctor with your health. Getting a certificate is sufficient, so you do not need to enroll for a Bachelor’s. Certificates take roughly a year to complete. Getting certified also means you will have learned various yoga techniques to train your clients.

Building your clientele

Looking for clients can be a daunting task, but that does not mean it is unachievable. Your family members are more likely to be your first customers. They will then support your business by referring you to their colleagues or friends. To attract customers quickly, offer to train them for free within a certain duration. You can spread this information on your website and social media handles. Do not be too concerned about not getting clients since building a clientele takes time.

Business mistakes to avoid

Your yoga studio is now up and running, but here are a few mistakes you should avoid:

  • Be wary of your competitors. Check their price range and keep your price range within their range.
  • If you rent out a building, have some money set aside. Remember, your business will not take off immediately as it takes a while.
  • Where possible, hire people to help you out rather than doing everything yourself. People you may consider are accountants, trainers, receptionists and so on.
  • Continuously market your services online.
  • You are not sticking to your commitments in your business plan.

Once you avoid these mistakes, you can be sure your business will thrive.

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