How to make an app like OnlyFans (A complete guide)?

Technology has changed how things are done, and the social media revolution is among them. The growing popularity and use of the social network (Both conventional and non-conventional has affected several aspects of mainstream society. One of the recent sensations is a non-conventional social networking platform that allows creators to earn money online-OnlyFans.

The subscription-based content sharing platform has gained so much popularity during COVID lockdowns in 2020. Since then, it has ballooned into a world of its own where entertainers, artists, sex workers, and almost anyone can monetize.

What is OnlyFans?

Onlyfans is the center for all things adult and a lot more. The platform allows content creators to charge a monthly fee that allows their customers to view their images and videos. OnlyFans offers the freedom that creators crave, allowing them to choose what to post and give the platform 20% of profits from what they make. OnlyFans is used by all types of content creators, including artists, musicians, actors, fitness experts, models, and influencers. Creators can get money directly from their fans on a pay-per-view basis as tips or every month.

Steps to build an app like Only Fans

The OnlyFans platform has over 4.2 million visitors per day. The idea of building an OnlyFans clone seems even more lucrative now, doesn’t it? Despite the popularity of the platforms, its niche is free and doesn’t boast fierce competition. The immense popularity can be utilized if you want to create a business opportunity out of it. The increased demand among people for such censor-free sites can be turned into a chance to create an OnlyFans clone.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you build a similar site successfully.

Perform a market study

Before creating a subscription-based application, you must perform a market study first. The adult entertainment market is expected to exceed $300 billion by 2030. Study the market and have a look at your competitors, find out the pain points of your potential users. It is really important to understand the preferences of your target audience and their needs, it will help you craft an excellent business strategy. Think about how your service helps provide a solution to their issues. Performing a market study will help you decide whether you are entering a successful venture or not.

  • Validate the need for your app

No matter how good your business idea of starting an OnlyFans like app is, your product should be market demand. Hence it is important to validate your business idea to determine whether people are looking for the product you are trying to launch. When you create an app like OnlyFans, make sure you spice up your idea, which has richer features than the already existing app, to lure your target audience into using your product

  • Feature set integration

The next step is to choose the essential features for your app.

Let’s explore some of the must-have features of an app like OnlyFans.


This is where users see the feed- a stream of content shared by creators they follow. IT also displays suggestions for more creators to follow on the platform. The home must also contain a search bar for the users to search for content creators.

Create option

When a content creator wants to start sharing something, the platform must allow him to compose new posts and share them with fans.


Integrate chat feature to allow your users to directly message other users of their choice.


Enable notifications for subscribed, liked, tipped, past interactions, and more.


Integrate a menu bar where users can see their display name, users name, the total number of followers and fans. Allow them to access bookmarks, settings, lists, payment info, etc., from the menu.

Going live

Content creators must be able to interact live with their fans. Streams must be saved for later viewing as well.

Pay per view messages

You can allow your users to send pay-per-view messages to their fans by attaching media along with it. OnlyFans supports pay-per-view messages.

Purchase content 

Users must be able to pay for downloadable content from their favorite creators through any available payment method.

Social sharing

Allow creators to share their content on popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to increase their reach and earn more subscribers.


Admin must be able to manage different aspects of the platform, including users, content, commissions, etc.

  • Avenues of revenue generation

When building an app like Only Fans, you must decide on the revenue strategies to implement. Some of the popular revenue streams you can consider for subscription apps are:

Subscription charges

Allow users to pay a fixed subscription fee that has to be paid either monthly or annually to use your platform.

In-app advertising

You can run advertisements on your platform and generate revenue by partnering with brands. You can offer users free access to the app at the cost of viewing advertisements every time they visit the app.


Take a share every time a content creator makes money by selling their content. This fee can be considered as the commission you charge from content creators from leveraging your platform to make money.

  • Building OnlyFans like app

Now that you have all essentials in place, you can start building your OnlyFans like app. So what is the best efficient and cost-effective approach to creating the app? If you are looking to launch your app like OnlyFans quickly while saving some money, the best way is to use an OnlyFans clone script to create and launch your membership-based creator community platform. You can either go wide on the niche or narrow it down to fitness, photography, writing, podcasting, or anything of your choice.


As common social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are unable to cope with the need for alternate entertainment, the demand for apps like OnlyFans is increasing. Users have grown weary of being restricted by censorship as well when using social media. This calls in for the demand for subscription-based apps like OnlyFans, and if you can cater to satisfy the target market’s needs, it can be a lucrative business idea.

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