Palak Paneer recipe

How to Make Palak Paneer Step by Step

The Palak Paneer recipe is formed by using a thick and dense spinach puree. This palak recipe has originated from the north of Indian cuisine as well as Punjabi cuisine. It tastes more delicious when it is paired with Tandoori Roti. Each of the recipes of Palak paneer tastes different, and the color and the density are also different. It is considered the most frequently made vegetable item.

There are varieties of ways of making Palak paneer, but here restaurant-style Palak recipes will be followed:

Due to the ingredients of Palak, it becomes a dark creamy texture having fried paneer which makes the dish look more delicious. Palak paneer is served with roti, but people can also have it with rice and pooris.

For making the paste of Palak, these are the ingredients which are required are as follows:

First of 5 cups of water is needed, then it comes 1 bunch of Palak or spinach, 1 inch of ginger, then 1 clove of garlic, and then 3 green chillies is also required. After making the thick paste of spinach, keep it aside.

List of Ingredients:

Here comes other ingredients which are required to make the full dishes of Palak Paneer:

  1. 3 teaspoons of oil are required
  2. 1 teaspoon of butter is required
  3. 11 cubes of Paneer is needed
  4. 1 teaspoon cumin and jeera required
  5. 1 teaspoon of cinnamon is required
  6. 4 cloves are required
  7. 2 pods elaichi or cardamom is required
  8. 1 bay leaf is required
  9. ½ teaspoon of onion is required, which is finely chopped
  10. ½ teaspoon of tomato is also required
  11. 1/4th cup of water is required
  12. 3/4th teaspoon of salt is required
  13. 1/4th tea garam masala is required
  14. 2 teaspoons of cream or malai are required

Now the general instructions for making the dish of Palak Paneer recipe will be given as:

First of all, 5 cups of water are needed to boil, and then one bunch of spinach is required, then it needs to soak the palak in the boiled water for nearly 2 mins.

  • Once the spinach starts changing its color, make a thick fine paste by draining it off.
  • Then transfer the paste of palak into ice water. Then make the paste by using the blender.
  • Adding 1 inch of ginger, clove, and three green chillies are required.
  • Adding 3teaspoon of oil, butter and spices are required.
  • Then adding ½ onion is needed and then sauté it till it changes its colour.
  • Adding tomato then palak paste is to be done.
  • Then it is necessary to mix it well.
  • Then furthermore paneer needs to be added.
  • Simmer for 5 min is required till the absorption is to be done.
  • Now off the flame and 1/4th garam masala, then one teaspoon methi of Kasuri, then cream is added, then mix it well.

And finally, the Palak Paneer dish is ready to be served nice and hot!

Conclusion: Could you have ever imagined that the Palak Paneer could be this easy and quick to prepare? Now you can really enjoy a great meal at home, with this recipe. Just follow our step-by-step guide and you will surely be really good to go.

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